Model-View-ViewModel Pattern 101 (Part 4)

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This is a sort of summary post of my MVVM Pattern 101 series, talking about the frameworks available for MVVM development. There are many open-source frameworks available for MVVM-based development. Most of the frameworks support WPF as well as Silverlight including the new Windows Phone 7 platform. Of these frameworks, notable ones are Prism from Microsoft’s P&P team, Caliburn and MVVM Light. Prism is a composite UI framework for WPF and Silverlight. It also uses Inversion of Control (IoC)/Dependency Injection pattern. This allows you to use other IoC frameworks such as Spring.NET, Microsoft’s Unity or your own with MVVM development. Caliburn and MVVM Light are 3rd party MVVM-dedicated frameworks. If you would like to see a list of some of the MVVM frameworks available today, check here. The author has made the comparison itself as a Silverlight app!

    Talking about frameworks doesn’t mean you can’t develop your own. Watch a nice presentation on building own MVVM framework here.

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