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Camera Connection Kit + USB/SD Memory = More iPad (Virtual) Memory

After I figured out how images and movies from outside digital cameras can be imported into iPad, I don’t get that impulse to buy a big one anymore! :-) The big question people might have after reading my earlier post is: why would anyone want to go through that painful process of renaming, copying and […]

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iPad, Camera Connection Kit & Image File Names

This really took me for a ride!! In the past two days I burnt so much of energy trying HARD to transfer some JPEG and PNG files from my laptop to my iPad. The simple intention was to use those nice files for the "Digital Photo Frame" feature of the iPad. So, now I got […]

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Note-taking Application for iPad

I do a lot of scribbling/note taking and draw diagrams (how can a software Architect be without diagrams :-) ) while in meetings, reading technical books and so started looking for a decent note taking application for my new iPad. Honestly, there are many notes applications but not many satisfied my key requirements sufficiently: 1. […]

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Exposing Data via OData

In an earlier post I discussed what OData is all about and how you can consume OData services using plain HTTP requests. In this post I will talk about the other side of the story: exposing data using OData protocol. With WCF Data Services (DS for short), providing data using OData is simple and easy […]

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"Silverlight Alive and Well" – Not too confident

Jesse Liberty confirms that Silverlight is here to stay. Read his blog post. As you can read from the post’s comments, people are not taking his words for granted and more commitment is expected from alike of Steve Balmer.

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