iPad, Camera Connection Kit & Image File Names

This really took me for a ride!! In the past two days I burnt so much of energy trying HARD to transfer some JPEG and PNG files from my laptop to my iPad. The simple intention was to use those nice files for the "Digital Photo Frame" feature of the iPad. So, now I got my iPad Camera Connection Kit (CCK, as some people refer to it) and a 2GB SD card. I went over to my laptop, happily copied my favorite pictures to the SD card and inserted it into the SD Card connector on to the iPad. After a few seconds, the Photo application came up with a new Camera tab with a message "No photos to import". A bit baffled.

iPad not Recognizing Images

I triple-checked my SD card that the files were indeed there (underneath DCIM folder from the root) and they were readable by opening them off the card itself – no problems on that front but no luck yet. Confused enough, I deleted all the images on the card and copied a different set and repeated the procedure. To bring a little smile, this time iPad recognized some images on the card, but not all of them I copied. I went a step ahead and analyzed/compared the image properties (height, width, bit depth, file size, etc.) of the files recognized by iPad and those were not, but finally it hardly made any sense.

Frustrated enough I thought I would fool the iPad that the images were created by a camera by renaming the files on the card as DSC_NNNN.jpg where NNNN is a 0-padded number (almost all cameras save images in this file name format, numbering them sequentially) and inserted the card into the connector. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! There you go!! iPad recognized all the images I copied without any fuss! Honestly, this file renaming thing occurred to me completely from nowhere and I never ever thought it would work.

Windows Explorer View

[iPad recognizes images named as per the standard naming convention – IMG_NNNN or DSC_NNNNN; ignores others.]

iPad Recognizes Properly Named Images

Sure, I know this is a Camera Connection Kit and it is intended to import stuff from a camera but isn’t too much to expect people to plug in their memory card hot out of the camera into the connector OR have dependencies on the file names!!

I usually name my pictures as descriptive as possible, just out of habit but never I would land in such a funny trouble one day!


I hops this helps someone.

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  1.    allison on December 5th, 2010


    Thanks for this info. I had the same issues and suspected my naming convention when exported from Aperture…I was right. Good to know!


  2.    siva on December 7th, 2010

    Glad to know it helped Allison!