Camera Connection Kit + USB/SD Memory = More iPad (Virtual) Memory

After I figured out how images and movies from outside digital cameras can be imported into iPad, I don’t get that impulse to buy a big one anymore! :-)

The big question people might have after reading my earlier post is: why would anyone want to go through that painful process of renaming, copying and importing files while you can simply drag and drop them with the help of iTunes? Simple answer is more memory. If you have already stuffed up your iPad with lots of things but have more stuff to view on iPad, may be while on travel, you can simply copy those things to a large capacity SD/USB storage and use the Camera Connection Kit to view them on iPad. But mind you: you should have enough swap space on your iPad to import files. The whole idea is nothing but the memory paging concept of operating systems but applied in raw way, I don’t take the credit:-) So, in net:

[External Card Capacity] – [iPad Swap Space] = Extra iPad Virtual Memory!

In my case: [64GB USB Drive] – [Free 8GB of 16GB] = 56GB!!

On a lighter side: if you can carry more memory cards then total up their capacity so you will have even more stuff to play with :-)

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