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Airtel 3G Signal on Air

Though Airtel, the biggest private mobile operator in India has not commercially introduced 3G services yet, my 3G USB modem detects Airtel’s 3G signal already in my work city! Looks like they are too close to launch and I really look forward to it! :-) CellOne is the national operator BSNL which launched 3G last […]

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Google Chrome Cloud Printing – Test Drive Tags: google chrome,cloud printing After I watched yesterday’s webcast by Google on Chrome OS, I got a bit curious about their cloud printing thing and thought would give it a test to see if it really works. So, I took the Chrome Browser Dev Channel 9.0.597.10 and setup/enabled Cloud Printing on my home laptop […]

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Google Chrome OS

I am sure by the time this post appears on my blog site, many around the world would have talked about it, but here are my observations after watching the webcast yesterday by Google. 3S ‘that drive Chrome (OS and the browser) are: Speed, Simplicity & Security Sundar (VP, Product Development of Google) compared the […]

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Less Known Things in C#

There are quite a many gems hidden in C# and .NET Framework. Here are some: ?? operator C# 2 introduced the concept of nullable value types. If you assign a nullable value type to a non-nullable variable and if the former is null, you will get a runtime error. Meet ?? operator, also known as […]

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