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Using IIS Express 7.5 with Visual Studio 2010 (without SP1)

Though Visual Studio 2010 SP1 will have out-of-the-box support for developing and debugging web applications against IIS Express 7.5, you can still use plain VS 2010 against IIS Express with few manual steps. Here is how: Install IIS Express (IISE) 7.5 RTM (download it from Assuming IISE was installed at the default location – […]

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Developing OData Services Using Entity Framework

This topic has been due for quite long time from my end. Things kept me busy and couldn’t get bandwidth to write about this subject. All right, let’s get dive into the topic. WCF Data Services supports two providers out-of-the-box: Entity Framework and Reflection providers. In my earlier post I discussed the latter: OData feeds […]

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