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Windows Phone 7 – Application Lifecycle Events

After playing around with my new WP7 phone (Dell Venue Pro) I have not started exploring the programming aspects of it. It sure is simpler and easier to develop applications for WP7 (compared to other OS devices) with the .NET and Silverlight ecosystem. Microsoft’s big bet! I am yet to dive deep into the whole […]

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Airtel 3G with Dell Venue Pro

As you might know (if you are from India), Dell launched its Windows Phone 7 device Venue Pro recently (and it took few weeks to reach the retail shops after official announcement – quite odd to me). I got one lately and put one of my 3G SIMs on to it. After initial WP7 configuration, […]

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Official ICC World Cup 2011 – iPhone App

A nice iPhone app to know the current stats and other coverage details. The description claims it has a video option but do not know if it would be live streaming or even recorded.   Check out:      

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Email Alias – New Hotmail Feature

Ever wanted to have multiple email addresses without actually creating so many "physical addresses"? A new feature from Hotmail allows you accomplish just that. You can create aliases (five as of now) for your existing email address and mails sent to those all delivered to the same Hotmail account (your primary one) – no […]

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