Email Alias – New Hotmail Feature

Ever wanted to have multiple email addresses without actually creating so many "physical addresses"? A new feature from Hotmail allows you accomplish just that. You can create aliases (five as of now) for your existing email address and mails sent to those all delivered to the same Hotmail account (your primary one) – no need to create multiple Inboxes (physical email addresses)! The mails sent to these aliases can be delivered to the Inbox itself or to different folders based on the alias. What is more – you can even delete the alias later thus creating a temporary email address kind of thing.

The process is very simple: Just sign in to your Hotmail account and click on the Inbox’s ‘More Actions’ link (the gear wheel) and select Create a Hotmail alias. Follow the subsequent steps (not too many) and your new alias will be good to go in few minutes (you will get a confirmation mail once it is ready).

Hotmail Alias Creation

Remove an alias is simple too:


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