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Lessons from Steve Jobs

One of my favorite bloggers JDM has put down beautiful lessons learned from the unique man Steve Jobs here:   Here are my most favorite ones from JD’s list: #1 "Beginners don’t have baggage." – When you free of worries, big list of things to do and tough targets to achieve, it really frees […]

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My First iOS Application

Of late, I have been making my hands dirty with iOS development and obviously Objective-C. Coming from .NET/C# background (lending the OOPS knowledge) and knowing the C language already (pointers, memory, etc.), learning Objective-C was not difficult for me; just that I had to get accustomed to the “odd” syntax and a few conventions of […]

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Portable Library Tools Add-in for Visual Studio 2010

A new tool that enables you to create a single assembly shat can be shared by multiple .NET runtime environments, namely Silverlight, Windows Phone 7 and XBOX Gaming. Of course, you can target the desktop .NET runtime also when building class libraries but since the former ones include only a subset of the desktop .NET […]

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Windows 8 UI

Microsoft officially released first video previewing its next windows OS version. From the video available from its PR site, it looks like the new OS will have a completely new UI starting from the Start button. Inspired by the Metro theme of Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 appears to have a deep integration with social […]

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