My First iOS Application

Of late, I have been making my hands dirty with iOS development and obviously Objective-C. Coming from .NET/C# background (lending the OOPS knowledge) and knowing the C language already (pointers, memory, etc.), learning Objective-C was not difficult for me; just that I had to get accustomed to the “odd” syntax and a few conventions of the language and the environment. In fact, Apple has got an wonderfully superb documentation of the language and the surrounding frameworks (iOS and Mac) and libraries and as such with good time investment, one can get to it easily (well, I am still on the learning curve of the whole thing)! The only area where I stumbled a bit was the memory management (yea, I badly missed GC) area but all along it was a good experience and interesting to manually “pilot” the aircraft instead of putting it into “auto-pilot”!


With whatever I have picked up in the language and the iOS platform so far, I thought I would develop a super-duper simple application and that is Color Mixer on iPhone :-)

Screenshot 2011.06.16 19.56.19  Screenshot 2011.06.16 19.56.34

I know it is just a K-school app but having been pampered by Visual Studio, C# and .NET and enjoyed its luxury for years now, developing this one without that much pampering was bit of an exercise and exciting too for me!

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