Lessons from Steve Jobs

One of my favorite bloggers JDM has put down beautiful lessons learned from the unique man Steve Jobs here: http://goo.gl/3KrM2


Here are my most favorite ones from JD’s list:

#1 "Beginners don’t have baggage." – When you free of worries, big list of things to do and tough targets to achieve, it really frees you up to think a lot and plan for yourself. As JD says quoting Steve, you can be more creative also!

#4 "Design by committee doesn’t work" – It’s not a matter of assembling a group of experts and asking them to think for the end users would like. Rather ask the users directly with options and ideas! That will in turn make the users “fine tune” what they want and tell you about it! I have also practically seen this with many of the customers. Unless you show/tell them of what a feature or a product will look like, they are clueless. And doing so helps them streamline their thoughts around the “themes” of ideas you have shown.

#6 "Don’t live someone else’s life" – Well said. Many people want to be someone else without looking at their own value and capabilities. Be your own!

#9 "Get out of the way for the moving force" – Be an enabler for your people.

#10 "If they fall in love with the company, everything else takes care of itself" – Make your employees feel passionate about working for your organization and let them feel the value and worth of it. Goes with #9 also.

#22 "What you don’t do defines you as much as what you do" – Doesn’t need much explanation!


Overall, I like all of JD’s. Don’t miss his post and you can also read his excellent book “Getting Results the Agile Way” online here: http://sourcesofinsight.com/getting-results-the-agile-way/

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