Log files providing management point analysis

Continue the trail of skills and refresh from the confusing concept of Management point I want to share this info with the current administrators and architects i know that many of us are great SMS Experts but from time to time we confuse the concepts and we must be clear. this post is provided as a references and is not intend to insult any one is just that i have the confusion a couple of weeks ago, as you know we work on sms day to day and sometimes we forgot some basic stuff, so for the new admin’s and currents I want to share this link with the specific details of the Management Point Log Files.

Spanish Version.

Saludos Mis estimados,

    Continuando con la travesia de refrescar los conocimientos de SMS aqui les proveo mas detalles sobre el tema mas confuso los Puntos de Manejo de SMS “MP”. estos links son proveidos para sugerencia o refrescamiento de conocimiento no estoy intencionado a insultar a nadie solo quiero compartir estos temas y links con las comunidades, saludos a todos. 




Log files providing management point analysis

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