The most secure modern OS, Part I

It’s in wide use, it’s mature yet modern (a new version was released just recently), and it’s the most secure consumer OS out there. It’s a Microsoft product.

The OS in question is Windows Mobile. Formerly known as Windows CE, it became nameless power in Windows-powered Pocket PC and now available on the mobile telephone near you. Still not without identity issues – there is Phone edition and Smartphone. Windows Mobile rocks. It’s not the only OS that rocks – thus Part I.

My Windows Mobile device contains copy of my mailbox, address book and some files, giving me option to synchronise using cradle USB connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks. A variety of applications is available, both productivity and leisure. And I can browse Web from, like anywhere – without annoying Flash banners. And I’m in full control of the device – as the administrator (or the runlevel 1-like root, if you wish).

I have seen numerous suggestions that I should run firewall and antivirus on the device. That’s loughable. I don’t do that on my PC, but in this case those won’t make much difference for Mr. Average User – apart from perhaps shortening the device battery life and adjusting content of his wallet by few bucks (annyally, in case of Symantec). On years-old fear of imminent worm outbreak a market for the useless software is built. And still, we have just hadful of proof-of-concept viruses for the platform (none dangerous or self-distributing), and no prominent incidents involving Windows Mobile.

It is a big mistake to judge something by only its past but in this case something makes me more confident: SANS, a security education organisation, joins desperate vendors in spreading FUD:

IT managers are being warned of the threats that are likely to keep them awake nights in 2007, with laptop security, VoIP and the contentious issue of mobile phone viruses all featuring on one organisation’s ‘hit-list’.

It is a contentious non-issue, together with VoIP. I despise FUD. Therefore I proudly proclame Windows Mobile the most secure OS, and forecast another virusless year for the platform.

P.S. If only the had data encryption for Windows Mobile…

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