Resist googlisation!

I don’t use Google Search. That’s because I see dangerous thing going on: googlisation of everything. Too often people say “just google for it” referring to the way to get facts, without realising that Web search is only going to return the most popular, most often cited source. Which is not necessarily is truthful. Same applies to Wikipedia.

Critical perception of information is crucial for an intelligent person. For that reason, getting facts by just googling it is not acceptable – it is only good for getting some information for consideration. There are too many questions without answers that can be found on the Internet. There are too many with wrong answers being mostly given on Web sites. If Google to be taken as a source of truth, that would be misleading in many cases – especially when it comes to complex problems. In Ukraine, higher education is plagued by google-and-paste (or worse, copy-and-paste – from ready to reuse sources like, a Moscuvite McEducation site) way of writing thesis.

And some competition is search space is also required. I’m not looking forward to see an advertising agency replacing libraries.

It it googlisation or googlization? I don’t give a damn. Resist it.

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