Microsoft SSL VPN is here

Not quite a while ago when I was asking Microsofties – when they’re going to release SSL VPN solution – they asked me back: we support a lot of functionality over the Web, as well as standards-based VPN, so why do you need an SSL VPN?

That was a good question of theirs, which had two-part answer: not everything is a part of Microsoft ecosystem, and SSL VPN is the flavour of the day. Apparently, Microsoft listened: they bought Whale Communications, a SSL VPN company.

Enter Microsoft’s Intelligent Application Gateway 2007, the SSL VPN solution from Microsoft. SSL VPN is highly competitive market, with Check Point, F5 and Juniper being major established players. I think all of them ackquired SSL VPN technologies too!

The product is a part of Microsoft Forefront Edge Security and Access family. It’s getting really comfusing, as so many so different solutions are branded Forefront. I’d prefer Microsoft Antivirus, Antivirus for Servers, Enterprise Firewall, SSL VPN and so on. Something descriptive to the point.

I’ll be dissecting IAG really soon. Stay tuned for updates.

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