[Q] IP-connected fire alarm bell?

Can anyone please recommend me a decent Ethernet/Wi-Fi and IP-connected fire alarm bell? Something that looks like this:


– and is easily… invoked from Windows and Linux scripts? 

4 thoughts on “[Q] IP-connected fire alarm bell?”

  1. Grant, are you asking this question seriously? I cannot think of many people who wouldn’t have a use for such device – and most of those are in institutions.

    This one is for home use. I believe my living standards will improve if the range of IP devices that are connected to my home network will be extended with this one. I will have an alarm that is impossible to ignore. My wife will start taking my calls – she wouldn’t ignore _this_ ringing.

    And I’ll do some testing. In the enterprises, there will be much more use. Just imagine alerting system with alerts impossile to ignore. Like serious system failure or intrusion – I have seen those not noticed all too often. With a simple device, the situation can change.

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