A new cult of personality

Inspired by Qantas inflight entertainment.

Devil Wears Prada is about a despotic CEO who turns out to be kinda cool – after transforming somebody to someone else, more to her standards.

The Queen is not about a CEO. Well, not only. It’s about a chairwoman who is detached from what’s going on in her organisation (having only a limited exposure through senior management) and tries to get to terms with the CEO. Tony Blair in the movie looks more like Nicolas Sarközy today – I wonder if the authors plan a sequel.

Anyhow the micro cults are all over the place, fueled by the media. Linus Torvalds doesn’t play the cool CEO game, and suddenly he doesn’t matter. Meanwhile, Eric Schmidt, a hired suit who presided over chain of failures at Novell and Sun, suddenly becomes a visionary. That is really stupid.

Readers who are current or aspiring CxOs – please don’t take it personally. There’s nothing wrong with your aspirations or achievements as such. Plus, I have an ultra-excuse: I’m very jet lagged.

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