Motorola’s Ed Zander reinvents SIM

With all the buzz around major US wireless operators opening their networks to devices bought by the users, one may wonder if those businesspeople understand what they’re talking about. There’s no need to open anything at all in GSM and 3G (UMTS etc) worlds. CDMA was trickier but you usually could talk support person on the phone into connecting anything, provided you pay accounts. So opening up varies from symbolic act to… symbolic act. There’s no need to reinvent the concept of openness.

Motorola CEO Ed Zander reinvents another concept – SIM, the Subscriber Information Module. here’s what he said in a recent magazine interview:

Eventually, you’ll have one SIM card for your mobile devices, and when you plug that card in, it will recognize the device and shut off all your other devices.

Some news for Mr. Zander: this is exactly how SIM always worked.

“Business intelligence” is category of software packages that helps organisations – and the execs – understand their business. Mr. Zander needs some, or Motorola is in big trouble.


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