Let’s have a security czar?

First, a follow-up to my previous message: it turns out that the investment is to be twice as that initially indicated, resulting in half of the jobs, and the jobs will be all kinds thereof, not green only. Good luck.

Now, there’s something that is more of concern than just hot air promises: information security industry is asking Mr. Obama to appoint a security czar. Since all the signs are to more regulation from the nanny state, this might as well become a reality. the report – Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency – is written in typical bureaucratic style. If you have a courage to read it, you’ll find few fascinating ideas. For example, the authors come up with enabler for online collaboration:

Our proposed management structure would enable a collaborative social network among the offices and functions involved in cyberspace.

I can only remind about the previous make-work program for information security people, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act implementation. At huge cost that resulted in exactly nothing.

Now is the chance to dwarf SarbOx with somethink bigger and more ridiculous.

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