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Feb 28 2004

Site Finder just won’t go away

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Mountain View, Calif.-based VeriSign on Thursday sued the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in federal court in Los Angeles, claiming it was unlawfully prevented from adding new features to the domain name database it has a contract to run. Last fall, ICANN ordered VeriSign to halt its Site Finder service, which redirected […]

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Feb 18 2004

Barcode Yourself

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Feb 17 2004

Click the balls and have some fun!

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Feb 16 2004

Our commander …

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Saw this in Jim Moore’s blog (hehehe)

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Feb 01 2004

Engineering geek names son version 2.0

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HOLLAND, Michigan (AP) –Tacking Jr. or II onto a boy’s name is too common, a new father decided, so the self-described engineering geek took a software approach to naming his newborn son. Jon Blake Cusack talked his wife, Jamie, into naming their son Jon Blake Cusack 2.0.

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