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Mar 30 2008

Expression Web 2 Beta – "FrontPage" Design Time Includes are back

One of the reasons I haven’t used Expression Web as my main design tool is the lack of a built-in feature comparable to the FrontPage Design Time Include Component. I’m happy to report that the Include function is back in the Expression Web 2 Beta. It’s not a button on the Standard Toolbar, but there is […]

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Mar 23 2008

Should I or shouldn’t I?

I was having a conversation today with a Twitter friend about cellphones – my Sprint contract expired this week – and we were discussing the BlackBerry. I took a look at what Sprint has to offer – the only BlackBerry they have with a camera is the BlackBerry Pearl. My friend said the thing she […]

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Mar 23 2008

The Ultimate Peep Show

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In the spirit of Easter: Link: deanna zandt » Posed Peeps make me laugh

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Mar 22 2008

MVP Global Summit 2008 Announcements : Guide to Global Summit Hotels

If you’re a Microsoft MVP and you’re going to the Summit in April, this post from Michael Fosmire is one you should really read.  There’s a lot of good information about the hotels and transportation, and links to the webcasts being held on March 25th. Link: MVP Global Summit 2008 Announcements : Guide to Global […]

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Mar 16 2008

Microsoft Announces New Accessibility Tools and Resources for Developers

New Web site and open-source accessibility testing tools will help developers meet the growing worldwide demand for accessible technology. Microsoft Corp. today launched a new online resource and released two new open-source accessibility testing tools for developers who want to create accessible and assistive technology products that make it easier for everyone —including people with […]

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Mar 12 2008

Microsoft WebDAV Extension for IIS 7.0 (x86) : Download : Microsoft Internet Information Services

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Microsoft has created a new WebDAV extension module that has been completely rewritten for Windows Server 2008. This new WebDAV extension module incorporates many new features that enable web authors to publish content better than before, and offers web administrators more security and deployment options. For additional information, please see our documentation. This new WebDAV […]

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Mar 09 2008

Basket Dominance « The FAIL Blog

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If you don’t subscribe to the FAIL Blog, you really are missing some good laughs. Link: Basket Dominance « The FAIL Blog

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Mar 08 2008

Twitter in Plain English

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If you are having a hard time explaining to your friends what Twitter is all about, this video might help. [YouTube:ddO9idmax0o]  

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Mar 05 2008

Expression Web 2 Beta released

Building on the successful launch of Microsoft Expression Web and after listening closely to your feedback, we are excited to announce the release of Microsoft Expression Web 2 Beta. This Beta release expands your toolset beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, by putting PHP, Silverlight, and ASP.NET AJAX within your reach. Stacked with new features, Expression […]

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Mar 05 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit

 Welcome to the Windows® Internet Explorer® 8 Readiness Toolkit, the first place to look when you’re ready to optimize web sites and applications for Internet Explorer 8. Here is a message from Chris Wilson, IE Platform Architect: “Welcome to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1, the latest test release of the most popular browser! This release […]

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