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Sep 25 2012

Windows Phone 8 will support removable MicroSD cards

This time last year, I wrote about two mobile phone features that were “must haves” for me in my next phone: the ability to sync directly to Outlook on my desktop and an SD card expansion slot. The lack of these two features in Windows Phone 7 is what led me to buy an Android […]

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Sep 09 2012

Upgrading to HTC Sync Version 3.2.20 for Android Phones fixed my connection problems

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Ever since I got my HTC Merge (Android) from Verizon, I have been using HTC Sync to sync my Desktop Outlook Contacts and Calendar and it worked great – when the connection worked. Connecting my phone with a USB cable didn’t always launch HTC Sync on my PC. Rebooting my phone and/or rebooting my PC […]

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