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December, 2006:

DB2 and Visual Studio

I just have 5 minutes available for blog and want to share that for the client I’m working on right know I’m teaching ASP.NET 2.0 for a bunch of programmers. This client use DB2 databases and with the DB2 add-in for Visual Studio you can integrate your DB2 backend to .NET world. Try it, it has a very cool stuff and nice integration with VS.

Information Worker Sales Tool

Now we have new Microsoft collaboration products available in the market and for people that make sales based on this platform it’s important to have an overall understanding of all components, programs, requirements, license schemas, servers and tools. The Information Worker Sales Tool it’s available for Microsoft Partners just for help us understand all the aspects we need to know in order to make sales for Information Workers.

Check this you can download here:


RMS SDK Service Pack 2 available

For those few people that enjoy building RMS Enabled applications, this is for you, RMS SDK Service Pack 2 it’s available on MSDN Download Center. You can download it here.

Microsoft Industry Centers Sites, nice job!

Very important resources you can find in the Microsoft Industry Centers. Microsoft it’s doing a great job with the new Office platform and now is creating sites for target industries so I feel are very important for professional that offers business solutions with Microsoft Technology.