Teched India 2006 is just around the corner!

Yes TechEd India is here! Check out the site for more details. Date and venue details are as below.

June 5-7, 2006 @ Taj Palace, New Delhi  
June 8-10, 2006 @ Le Meridien, Pune  
June 12-14, 2006 @ Renaissance, Powai, Mumbai
June 15-17, 2006 @ Chennai Trade Center,Chennai 
June 19-21, 2006 @ Shilpkala Vedika @ Hyderabad
June 22-24, 2006 @ Grand Ashok, Bangalore

I will be attending TechEd in Bangalore from June 22nd!

Catch up pulse of Teched at I am there and invite you also to join me 🙂 Post your concerns, issues, interact with experts, learn the basics required for some sessions, post your blogs, overall… have a pure tech fun 🙂

Lets rock TechEd 🙂

My TechEd Webcast

6 Indian MVPs including me, are giving Webcasts this month. Attend these LIVE Webcasts by experts from Microsoft and get on to the edge of the steep-learning curve. Participate in the contest during the Webcast and take your chance to be one of the 2 lucky winners to win an Orchid Music Player.
Details are

My session is on June 28th, 2006. It is based on VSTS for Architects.

Session Abstract: Visual Studio 2005 Team System now has range of features for Architects who till now had to rely on various disparate products for Architectural diagrams. The purpose of this webcast is to create the application diagram and explain the flow of information through the entire system while showing off the Distributed System Designers found within Visual Studio 2005 Team System.

Click here to register for my webcast

BDotNet Session on AJAX and ATLAS

Took a session on AJAX and ATLAS as a part of BDotNet fortnight sessions. Session covered history of AJAX, need of better UX, ATLAS along with demos of Server Centric and Client Centric ATLAS applications.

BDotNet, the largest usergroup in India moved its venue for sessions to NetKode premises and timing also changed from Friday evening 6pm to Saturday afternoon 2pm.

Kerala logs out MS!

Financial Times reported this article saying that Kerala has chalked out a plan for migrating its high school students to free software platforms in three years. Report says this applies to all government schools. Another statement that is of concern is ‘In the current year, class VIII students have shifted to Linux. By 2007, class XI students and by 2008 class X students will follow suit.’

This sounds bit outrageous because students will be forcibly influenced with this kind of political and somebodies’ [ u know who ]  propaganda. Student phase of life like soft mud. Teachers are given that wonderful right to mould them and give them a nice shape. Its good that students will be taught a new OS, new kind of applications, what is open source, how can one contribute to open source projects etc. But why deprive the knowledge of Microsoft products which are most widely used across world. By the time these children come out to job market, they would be deprived from the opportunities from the major chunk of job market, the work on Microsoft technologies. By these kind of rules, politicians and some individuals are playing with the student’s future.

During student phase, students should have a choice, not a forced propaganda of some political group or some individual. By this kind of rules, student’s creativity and learning capabilities will be limited. Let there be a level playing ground where both Microsoft technologies and Open source technologies be taught. In that way, students will make a better choice of what they want.

More of this here, here, here and here.

Intellisense for SQL!

How many times have you ever wanted to have intellisense while writing a stored procedure/SQL statement? I would say almost every time! I bet we all had used to keep the table schema side by side, so that we could see and type or copy the table name and field names. Recently, I got a link from my friend about this cool software. RedGate software has introduced a brand new add in called SQL Prompt that can give you just that feature integrated with your SQL Manager !

Btw, for now it is free … only for few days … so hurry! Download it! and say good bye to additional window for database schema 🙂

Microsoft Joins Hands With Novell

My 2 cents … This is
indeed a very strategic move. On the outset, it may seem odd. But indeed there
are many aspects that make this deal a wonderful one.

  • Novell supports Mono. Many companies are using Mono. Many companies are going live with products on Mono. Mono is also has a roadmap for WPF, WCF release in near future. Watch out for Olive. Development is happening almost in same pace as .Net releases with a acceptable delay. Microsoft can also help Mono to have better compatibility with Microsoft OS.
  • Novell has good Server market presence almost like windows
    which has good Desktop market presence. Interoperability between
    Windows and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) on virtualization,
    Microsoft’s Active Directory and Novell’s eDirectory,
    and Microsoft Office and OpenOffice XML formats
    on the desktop would be the best outcome of this collaboration.
  • It makes perfect sense for Microsoft to go ahead with
    Novell than any other linux vendor because, Novell is not bound to Linux and has products
    both on Windows and Microsoft. Novell on the other hand gets legal status
    for SuSe Linux. Linux could violate 283 patents!
  • More Microsoft products can be ported to Linux, like SQL server, Sharepoint, Exchange Server, etc for Linux
  • Microsoft Open Specification Promise can help people develop better interoperable webservices for cross platform products to work seamlessly. A good consolidation move to allow new market of mixed source products. Host a ASP.Net app on linux, run a .Net windows application on Linux. That opens up a plethora of opportunities.
  • And… soon we can expect .Net 4.0/VS.Net 2008 to be released over Windows and Suse Linux on
    same day:)
  • Indeed a nice move, and it would be interesting to watch new wave
    of services and products on both platforms.

    IndiMix – The Next Web Now!

    Guess who will be there?

    -Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corporation
    -Anil Kumble, Indian Cricketer & Director, StumpVision (P) Ltd.
    -Yash Chopra, Producer, Director, Writer – Yash Raj Films
    -Rajnikant Patel, Managing Director and CEO, Bombay Stock Exchange
    -Tarun Gulati, General Manager, DPE, Microsoft Corporation, India
    -Raj Nayak, CEO, NDTV Media
    -Anupam Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director, People Group/
    -Neeraj Roy, Managing Director & CEO, Hungama
    -Jaspreet Bindra, Country…(read more)

    Are you ready for a new day?

    Windows Vista and Office 2007 were launched officially on 30th Jan 2007 and we at Bdotnet launched it on 3rd Feb 2007.

    I gave the keynote for Windows Vista followed by Office 2007 by Sridhar Pabbisetty. This was followed by series of drilldown sessions on features of Vista, Office 2007, WPF, WF, WCF, MOSS.

    More details at