Spyware Sucks
“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

On the road again….

September 26th 2005

I’m in Seattle from 24 September till 1 October inclusive for a Publisher’s Summit and this year’s MVP Summit so things may be quiet for a while. I see Patchou reports that Microsoft has fixed the MSAS misdetection of Messenger Plus’ executable, and some are claiming that this happened because of the petition, and because […]

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Spyware popups and Opera

September 21st 2005

http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=103038 “anybody have any experience ridding themselves of this malware?…it will not go away by using every spyware tool out there…driving me crazy with constant opening of tabs in Opera???…thanks” I don’t know how the machine was infected (via Opera? via IE? via something else?), and have no intention of drawing any conclusions, but I […]

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Opera removes advertisements from their free web browser

September 21st 2005

And its about time too:http://www.opera.com/free/ “”We want to become the second-biggest browser. The number one (held by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) is a little inaccessible,” Opera Software chief executive Jon von Tetzchner said. A lighter version of Opera has until now been available for free download on the internet, but with ad banners. “We’ve always stood […]

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Browser wars…. which is safest?

September 20th 2005

As many of you may know, I have been a Microsoft MVP specialising in Internet Explorer since October 1999.  Some of you may expect my answer to my byline question to be “Internet Explorer is safest”.  You’d be wrong. Symantec has released its Internet Security Threat Report for 2005.  You can download a copy here:http://enterprisesecurity.symantec.com/content.cfm?articleid=1539 […]

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New: Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit

September 20th 2005

http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sharedaccess/default.mspx I worked with this product during the beta and must say that I was and am very impressed.  If you have kids, or a shared computer, or run an internet cafe, or have a computer that is accessible to the public, you will find it a very powerful tool for protecting your computers, and […]

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Java based email client

September 19th 2005

A friend has asked me to check out “Columba”, a java based email client available at http://columba.soundforge.net I must admit, my initial reaction was a shudder.  As a rule I don’t like java based applications.  I particularly remember when Novell rolled out ConsoleOne – a java based management client that was/is as slow as a […]

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Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

September 18th 2005

Its a *really* slow day here.  I am installing Windows Vista 5219 to a Microsoft Virtual PC VM as we speak, but thanks to a bug that I am unable to fix Virtual Machine is running as slow as molasses – despite my laptop being a 1.2 Intel with over 800 Meg devoted to the […]

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Google Blogsearch

September 18th 2005

Google helps you search web sites, it helps you search newsgroups, it helps you search your computer… now it helps you search Blogs. http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch It seems to be truly dynamic… with search results changing regularly depending on who is the very latest to mention a particular topic.  For a short while there, I was the […]

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Outlook Express in Windows Vista

September 17th 2005

Bryan Starbuck, the Dev Lead for Outlook Express and all around nice guy, and survived being interviewed by Robert Scoble for Channel 9. Outlook Express will be renamed to Windows Mail in Windows Vista. The video interview includes shots of OE in Windows Vista in action – go check it out:http://channel9.msdn.com/showpost.aspx?postid=116711 Side note: Its quite […]

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System Restore and malware removal – what is best practice?

September 17th 2005

Back in March of this year I wrote a column entitled “Bug Busting: Getting Rid of Spyware”.  In it I advise: “Some people recommend that System Restore be turned off and all Restore Points deleted before attempting spyware removal. DO NOT DO THIS. If something goes wrong (anything is possible) you will have no way […]

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