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Messenger Plus, Patchou, the Sponsor Program and suitable advertisement content

December 5th 2005 in Uncategorized

Tochjo (forum super mod at www.msghelp.net and official tester) said on 12 April 2005 that the MP Sponsor “contains no adult content”.

Patchou said on 2 November 2004 that “I assure you my sponsor doesn’t display any adult popup”.  He also said on 25 September 2004 that his sponsor program is “100% ‘child friendly’ “.

Cookierevised said on 8 July 2005 that “It also does NOT contain any adult related materials“

And on 11 January 2005 he said “there is a strict contract between Patchou and the sponsor of what the sponsor may do (eg: not including adult popup ads, etc…).“

Somebody is telling someone fibs, the rules have changed, or we have a basic disagreement about what are ‘adult related materials’ and ‘adult popup(s)’.

Check out this page:

The screenshot on that page was captured on October 30, 2005.  I have screenshots of several other ‘adultfriendfinder.com’ popups that were generated by the Messenger Plus! sponsor program.

Does adultfriendfinder advertise with lop.com elsewhere? Yes!!

Remember, the Messenger Plus sponsor program is popular with kids!! Yes, kids!!  Do you want your *children* exposed to such things?  Do you want your *teenagers* exposed to such an environment?

Maybe Patchou has no idea that his sponsor programme is generating such non-family and non-child friendly, adult advertisements.  If he is unaware, he needs to take a serious look at his relationship with his sponsor and ask himself how the hell something like this happened.  If he *does* know, then he needs to come clean and clarify exactly what he thinks “100 child friendly“ popups are.

adultfriendfinder.com is in Wikipedia

Did you know that the Messenger Plus! sponsor program stipulates that you must be over 18 to install the sponsor, and that you must get the explicit approval of any person who may use the computer on which it is going to be installed before installing (unless you have legal authority to give permission for all users).

More to come later.  Other information about the Messenger Plus! sponsor program:

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“Messenger Plus, Patchou, the Sponsor Program and suitable advertisement content”


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