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I do believe PCBUTTS1 has finally lost the plot

September 7th 2006 in Uncategorized

Check out this viruslist post:

Boy, our friend Chris sure does know how to upset people.  My only concern is that the viruslist post may result in a sharp increase in hits on the PCBUTTS1 site. 

I've been watching this guy for years, and watched all of the attempts that have been made to stop PCBUTTS1's ongoing plagiarism and lies.  To be clear, PCBUTTS1 is not the original author of tools he claims as his own.  He distributes software without permission and often continues to distribute software even after being asked to stop by the authors of the software in question. 

An infamous episode when was PCBUTTS1 tried to claim that smitrem was his, but he failed to remove Dave's (ala Atribune's) and Mieke's names from the script.

PCBUTTS1 is one nasty piece of work, publishing Web pages attacking those who stood up to him that feature some pretty graphic (and sometimes pornographic) pictures, that I won't provide the links to here.  If you go digging through Google Groups archives you'll find them soon enough.

I will disagree with only one part of the Kaspersky posting.  PCBUTTS1 did not overstep the line with the page being featured now; he overstepped it a LONG time ago.

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