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“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

I’ve been quoted by The Register and spywaresucks is the 3rd most visited blog on msmvps.com

January 27th 2007

I found out today that my blog entry about the problems with HP Director and IE7 is currently the 3rd most commonly visited page at msmvps.com – amazing.  The only blogs visited more often are Chrisl and Coad. My HP article is not only an often visited article, it also attracted more reader comments than any […]

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The heat is off Firefox – Opera has a far greater percentage of unpatched installations according to Secunia

January 27th 2007

99.85% for Opera 8.x, 80.41% for Opera 7.x and 13.66% for Opera 9.x See the news pane to the left of screen for the latest statistics.  

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Playing with IE7 add-ons

January 26th 2007

I’ve been having a look at IE7 add-ins to use on my x64 Vista based system over the past few days.  So far I’ve had a look at 3, all of which are available at http://www.enhanceie.com/, being Find As You Type, Feeds Plus and Feed Folder. Feeds Plus has a competitor which has been around […]

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Secunia reports that 37.16% of all scanned Mozilla Firefox 1.x installations are insecure

January 25th 2007

Check out the Secunia stats to left of screen in my News pane. 37.16% is an extremely high percentage of vulnerable computers.  Compare that to 2.59% of all IE7 installation, 9.32% of all IE6.x installation and 4.68 of all Firefox 2.0.x installations. The most likely cause of the extremely high FF 1.x percentage is the […]

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Myspace serving up Winfixer aka Drivecleaner aka Errorsafe

January 24th 2007

I have written about Winfixer a lot on this site.  Patchou and Messenger Plus! have felt a lot of heat from me because of the Sponsor Program pimping Winfixer – CiD ended up editing MP! users’ HOSTS file to block it.  Activewin.com have also been criticised by me, several times, for allowing Winfixer advertisements to […]

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Lots of people are going to love this Vista feature – Restore Previous Versions.

January 24th 2007

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file?  Or overwritten a file accidentally and wanted the old version back? Larry Osterman discovered this Windows Vista’s  – Restore Previous Versions feature and shares the joy:http://blogs.msdn.com/larryosterman/archive/2007/01/23/how-the-magic-of-windows-vista-saved-38g-of-my-data.aspx See, there’s more to Vista than IE7, improved security, some eye candy and high spec hardware requirements [;)]

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McAfee kills Lotus Notes – McAfee says turn off virus scanning – huh?

January 24th 2007

Affected McAfee product is VirusScan Enterprise v 8.5i.  Affected Lotus Notes Clients are R6 and R7.  It turns out that a November update of McAfee is crippling Lotus Notes.  IBM and McAfee have both released an advisory. IBM’s advisory says: “”While working in Lotus Notes mail for some period of time, typically an hour or two, upon […]

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Neowin web site compromised – visitors at risk from malware infection via iframe attack

January 23rd 2007

If you have visited Neowin over the past couple of days, and are running IE6 or earlier without antivirus or antispyware protection, or if your antivirus or antivirus protection is out of date, or you are running your Web browser (any version) with lowered security settings, I strongly advise that you check your system for possible infection by malware. […]

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Fallacy busting – the magical morphing x64…

January 22nd 2007

I gifted a copy of Windows Vista x86 to a family member the other day.  Today that family member was on the phone to me saying that his computer technician had told him that he has an x64 computer because the computer has “two 32 bit dual core processors”. First, x86 Vista will not magically […]

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Mystery solved: Why is the Internet Explorer folder in Event Viewer always empty (IE7)?

January 21st 2007

This is because Application Compatibility Logging is not enabled on your machine.  This is completely normal because, by default, IE7 does not enable Application Compatibility Logging. You can enable Application Compatibility Logging to have a look see at what happens by editing the Registry as follows: The relevant registry key will look like this:   […]

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