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“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

Online advertising and impression fraud

March 30th 2009

I admit, I have seen this carry-on before, and it seems to be more common nowadays (or maybe we’re just keeping a closer eye-out for it) but I had not seen as extreme an example as that demonstrated by Mike Nolet on his blog. You can see a video of the fraud, as it happens, […]

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Have we found a connection between Traffichunters.net and Innovative Marketing?

March 27th 2009

Every so often, an absolute gem crosses my desk.  This is one of those occasions. The screenshot to left of screen is of the message headers of an email from “traffichunters.net”.  traffichunters.net were trying to sell advertisements for display on a web site.  Please accept my apologies for the redacted areas – they are necessary […]

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Are you ready for IE8 to go gold?

March 18th 2009

Ready or not, here it comes: http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com/techtracks/2009/03/18/with_internet_explorer_8_microsoft_turns_up_web_br.html http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10199582-56.html http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2343409,00.asp

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Alert: please treat all content from hitoptimist.com with extreme caution

March 12th 2009

Seen in association with malvertizing incidents – measurehits.com used in same malvertizing campaigns. hitoptimist.com ICANN Registrar: Communigal Communications Ltd Created 10 March 2009 DNS1.COMMUNIGAL.NET DNS2.COMMUNIGAL.NET IP: – Bayern – Gunzenhausen – Hetzner-rz-nbg-net Contact Information : Domain Contact is Private Address is private Private 00000 972 9999999 972 9999999 hostnames sharing ip with a-records: cosmotraf.net […]

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ALERT: please treat the domains hit-detect.com and statsnclick.com with extreme caution

March 12th 2009

Both are new domains associated with the Registrant "Gabriel Jenks".  Regular readers of my blog will know that "Gabriel Jenks" is a name associated with several malvertizement related domains in recent times, including measurehits.com and statisticsishere.com. hit-detect.com ICANN Registrar: YESNIC CO. LTD Created 10 March 2009 NS1.HIT-DETECT.COM – – HostFresh NS2.HIT-DETECT.COM – – […]

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News: lovesick hacker cripples Northern Territory Health Department, hospital, prison and Supreme Court servers?

March 12th 2009

For heavens sake … according to the news report at the URL below it took “130 experts” to “find the problem and fix it” – the “problem” was, apparently, the fact that the “hacker” (and I use that term very loosely) “deleted 10,475 user accounts”. The incident is explained as: “In submissions from his lawyer […]

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ALERT: New malvertizement featuring Bausch & Lomb Softlens contact lenses

March 11th 2009

  I have seen multiple, visually identical, versions of the malvertizement shown above, one of which has revealed a new name and domains.  Please be on the look-out.   One sample that I received today is effectively neutralized because the malvertizement hits the domains of-ficialstat.com and securityclick.net, both of which are not resolving. securityclick.net is […]

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ALERT: Please treat the domain statisticsishere.com and measurehits.com with extreme caution

March 8th 2009

I received this email a short while ago: “We have been getting a lot of ads accessing scripts from this domain statisticsishere.com. So far there is no malware redirect or download but this domain looks suspicious having been created less than a week.” I have to agree that the domain is suspicious.  Before we get […]

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Did you know that it is National Zombie Awareness Week in Australia?

March 5th 2009

I didn’t … http://www.iia.net.au/index.php/zombieweek.html  

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When voice recognition goes bad…

March 2nd 2009

One day the voice recognition software, feeling unloved and unappreciated, decided to show the world just how much power it had…

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