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FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al – developments re Sam Jain

July 30th 2009

Regular readers of this blog will know that Sam Jain filed a motion for protective order requiring deposition to proceed by written questions, a motion which was DENIED on 22 July 2009. Sam Jain has now refused to be deposed, even refusing an offer from the FTC to be deposed by video-conference from a location […]

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FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al – developments

July 24th 2009

Innovative Marketing and Daniel Sundin continue to ignore proceedings and are unrepresented. Maurice D’Souza Maurice D’Souza’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction (paper number 90) has been DENIED WITHOUT PREJUDICE.     Sam Jain Sam has been busy, filing a motion for protective order requiring deposition to proceed by written questions (paper number 121).  […]

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July 23rd 2009

I have expressed concerned about DIRECTI in the past few posts, and I now have even more cause for concern. Paul Ferguson of TrendMicro let me know about a slew of DIRECTI registered domains which are serving up exploits.  How is this for a list (all of which were registered on 22 July 2009): IP […]

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DIRECTI action… or lack thereof…

July 23rd 2009

Directi have “suspended” masters-woodworks.com, but NOT the almost identical masterwood-works.net, or the sites awiron-work.com, freshy-girls.com or sleazy-dreams.net  (all of which are on the same IP and have the same Registrant). They have also “suspended” viorfjoj-1.com (different IP, same registrant), but have NOT suspended viorfjoj-2.com or viorfjoj-3.com (again, same IP, same Registrant) Too little, too late. […]

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More bad stuff from content.bannersulike.com, r.banner0709.com, worwink.com

July 22nd 2009

Kimberley wrote about a couple of incidents on 18 July 2009 and again yesterday – they are not the same incidents as I have written about: http://www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=18064&st=240#

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Update re digitalspy.co.uk

July 21st 2009

My apologies for the delay.  For what its worth, I received an email within 3 hours of my report to the ad network in question, advising me that the malicious creatives had been identified and deactivated. So, now to the details.  Technically, the incident was very similar to that which I wrote about here, but […]

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ALERT: please be extremely cautious when visiting digitalspy.co.uk

July 20th 2009

There are malvertizements being displayed on digitalspy.co.uk that attempt to take advantage of various security vulnerabilities.  Research and evidence-gathering is happening as I type, and the appropriate parties will be contacted on an urgent basis. For the time being, be extremely cautious when visiting the web site.  There is a thread warning of malicious content […]

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ALERT: malvertizement featuring “Blue Nile”

July 13th 2009

  The SWF advertisement pictured above retrieves content from the domain adburau.net.  That content is yet another SWF.  At time of writing, the SWF downloaded from the domain adburau.net was a single frame SWF with no images, or shapes, or fonts, or texts, no sounds, or videos, or buttons, or sprites, or scripts. The “Blue […]

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ALERT: Please treat content from antventure.com, yellowlinebanner.com, redhousebanner.com, t.banner0709.com and knocklis.com with extreme caution

July 13th 2009

  Normally when I write about malvertizing on this blog, the “goal” of the malvertizement has been to expose victims to fake security software (aka fraudware).  In one case, the “goal” was to expose the victim to a pornographic web site (complete with streaming video and sound on the opening page – mlb.com was hit […]

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FTC versus Innovative Marketing et al – Sam Jain and Kirsty Ross respond (and other developments)

July 1st 2009

Sam Jain I would have loved to shine a light on some nice juicy arguments but, alas, it wasn’t to be.  The entirety of Jain’s answer compromised just a few types of response, as follows: Paragraph text version 1) “Paragraph X of the Complaint contains legal conclusions to which no response is required” Paragraph text […]

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