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ALERT: Please treat content from STERERLE.com and FORLIFEMEDIA.COM with extreme caution

March 25th 2010 in Uncategorized



A report has come in about a malvertizing incident involving stererle.com, being distributed by forlifemedia.com

Created 17 February 2010

IP: – Ecatel, Stockholm

Shares IP with anastem.com and azoleta.com

Brian Punch (domains@stererle.com)

Created 1 December 2009

IP: – Zuid-holland, Rotterdam – Interactive 3d B.v Ip Space

Scott Early (dns@forlifemedia.com)



As you can see, the domains have all the classic indicators – registered with BIZCN.COM, young domains, and (in the case of forlifemedia.com) there are some basic grammatical errors on their web site and there is limited contact information.

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As always, domains mentioned in this blog entry (and highlighted in bold) should be treated with extreme caution.   It has been a little while since I have written about specific malvertizing incidents, but that does not mean that things have been quiet – on the contrary, the […]

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