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Some quick notes re Jain and the charges of money laundering

May 31st 2010

The indictment filed against Sam Jain gives an indication of the sort of money Jain was making from his fake Symantec software. The indictment lists the following international money transfers: approximately US$150,000 transferred on 15 March 2005 from a New York account into a Swiss account approximately US$561,000 transferred on 11 May 2005 from a […]

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U.S. v Bjorn Daniel Sundin, Shaileshkumar P Jain (aka Sam Jain) and James Reno

May 31st 2010

I am pleased to report that on 26 May 2010, in the United States District Court (Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division) documents were filed by the Special March 2010 Grand Jury which charged Bjorn Daniel Sundin, Shaileshkumar P Jain (aka Sam Jain) and James Reno with one count of computer fraud and conspiracy to […]

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ALERT: Please treat “Tuned ads” (tunedads.com), "Barkley & Davis Advertising" (barkleydavis.com), “AweMedia” (awemedia.net) and “Moksly Digital Advertising” (moksly.com) with extreme caution

May 29th 2010

Domains in this report: tunedads.com – rogloard.com – roxantb.com – moksly.com – barkleydavis.com – awemedia.net – togueno.com – smtpst.com – nmtsm.com – The important points to take away from this article about malvertizing and the miscreants behind malvertizing are: They plagiarize content from legitimate websites Their […]

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ALERT: zedoadservices.com is NOT associated with Zedo

May 17th 2010

Some basic due diligence reveals that zedoadservices.com should be treated with extreme caution.  Check out the domain’s registration details.  Once again we have a newly registered domain, a Registrant hidden behind Moniker Privacy Services, and a host that you would not expect to be hosting zedo domains. **** zedoadservices.com ICANN Registrar: Moniker Online Services, Inc […]

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ALERT: Please treat content from vastons.com with extreme caution

May 7th 2010

A contact has alerted me that he was approached by the “VP sales Vastons Marketing”.  This “VP” was using the domain “vastons.com”. The VP for Vastons Marketing claims that JetBlue are their client.  My contact described the deal on offer as “too good”, being $45,000 for a 500K-1million impressions budget with the campaign to run […]

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