Spyware Sucks
“There is no magic fairy dust protecting Macs" – Dai Zovi, author of “The Mac Hacker’s Handbook"

This is not an email from Careerbuilder

April 26th 2012

See the URL that appears when you hover over the words “Senior Team Lead”? I received about half a dozen versions of this spam mail overnight.

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This is not a real LinkedIn notification

April 19th 2012

Note the URL exposed when you mouse over a hyperlink.  

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Reported bad domains

April 18th 2012

CLKTURN.NET ICANN Registrar: Todaynic.com Created 9 March 2012 IP: Registrant: Marcos P Robledo, marcosprobledoint@gmail.com Shares IP with advirginmobile.com and impsserv.com (that first domain is a bit of a giveaway, yes?) **** ADVIRGINMOBILE.COM ICANN Registrar: Bizcn.com Created 27 March 2012 Registrant: Bosting, Michael Brown, michaelbrown@teleworm.com ***** IMPSSERV.COM ICANN Registrar: Bizcn.com Created 15 March 2012 Registrant: […]

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April 18th 2012

http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-14apr12-en.htm   Actually, can anybody find a web site privacy policy for icann.org? Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t find it…   “14 April 2012 Statement by Akram Atallah, COO As we have reported, ICANN has learned of a technical issue with the TLD application system software, or TAS, that allowed a limited number of […]

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