Eric Ligman has left the building…

Congratulations Eric!  You had me worried there when I was first reading your post this morning that you are no longer with the US Small Business team at Microsoft, but now I see you are on a much bigger mission to help our colleagues world wide.  Keep up the great work and make sure you stop by the PSSBS meetings occasionally to say hi.  :-)

Thank you to you for all you do Eric.  You and your family have a wonderful week as you take some much deserved time off.


One Response to Eric Ligman has left the building…

  • Eric Ligman says:

    Thank you very much, Steve, and thanks for all you have done for the members of the Community and us here at Microsoft as well. I am looking forward to continuing to work with all of you in the new role as we keep working on making our partnerships better every day. Thanks again!

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