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Looking for the requirements to order and a Microsoft Action Pack subscription? Eric has the answers for you.

Over the years I’ve seen Microsoft Action Pack subscriptions show up in what I would consider to be fringe qualifiers of the Action Pack’s target audience.  Usually by way of a well-meaning acquaintance who tells the business owner or someone on staff that they should get a MAPS subscription since they do a lot with Microsoft and it is a great way to get a lot of software cheap, and even though they don’t do IT work or a Microsoft reseller in particular, what they do as “x” is close enough and they should order it.

So for those on the fringe, or those looking to clarify who really does qualify, and for Microsoft Registered Members or information technology providers who are thinking of partnering with Microsoft, check out Eric Ligman’s post on MAPS and get the accurate information from the guru (okay, Global Partner Experience Lead is his official title) of licensing and the Microsoft Partners Program himself.

Also check out KB 312310 and the Microsoft Partner Website’s information page for info on the Action Pack as well.

December 18th, 2008 PSSBS Meeting Cancelled due to the winter wonderland weather we are having in the Puget Sound this week.


Puget Sound Small Business Server User Group (PSSBS)


 Snow in Seattle!

Saw this this morning on the KOMO News Website.  Ryan Goeden is the person who submitted it to their site.  Click on the photo to be taken to the KOMO page.

We have snow out here in Port Orchard too, so I’m staying off the roads personally today and figure you may all want to too.  Have a merry Christmas and I’ll see you all in January! – Steve

Meetings are the third Thursday of the month and are held at Microsoft’s Lincoln Square offices in downtown Bellevue.

Park in the Lincoln Square garage and meet at the elevators on the first floor by 6 PM to head up to the meeting.  Meeting times are 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

For information about the group, email Steve Banks.  Address is steve @

Next meeting will now be Thursday, January 15, 2008, at 6:00 PM.




For December’s meeting, Dave Shackelford (Microsoft Exchange MVP) was going to be leading an Exchange/SBS focused discussion on troubleshooting ActiveSync and Exchange migrations.  Depending on the direction the group wants to go with the presentation and discussion, Dave may expand the talk into Exchange recovery and SBS 2008 recovery.  We’ll see what we can do to reschedule Dave for a future meeting.

Microsoft’s Digital Locker is going away

Windows Marketplace

If you have used Microsoft’s Digital Locker for anything (like Vista Anytime Upgrades) you better head on over to the locker room and get your things because this school is a closin’ (they must have took a page from the Seattle Public Schools’ administrative handbook this week).

From: Microsoft []
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 3:54 PM
To: Steven Banks
Subject: ACT NOW: Closing your digital locker account

Your Digital Locker Account Will Be Closed in August, 2009.

 Dear Digital Locker Customer,

This is to notify you that on November 20, 2008 Windows® Marketplace  transitioned from an e-commerce site to a reference site. On Windows Marketplace you will find links to sites such as Microsoft Store, Windows Vista® Compatibility Center, and other destinations with compatible software, hardware and devices that support Microsoft platformsAs part of this transition, the digital locker service affiliated with Windows Marketplace will be closed in August, 2009.

If you made a purchase on Windows Marketplace, you acquired a digital locker account  in order to purchase, download and install products from Windows Marketplace.  You may be using your digital locker account to store and maintain information about software you purchased, including license information to enable you to reinstall your software or get assistance from the software reseller. 

The digital locker service will continue to be available until August, 2009. During this time, you should back up the contents of your digital locker account before they are permanently deleted:

1.       To maintain your software records, go to your digital locker account  and print a copy of the software information located there.

2.       To backup your software to a CD so that you always have a copy, follow the CD back-up instructions in the “What happens to digital locker?” Section in the Windows Marketplace FAQ.

More information is available at Windows Marketplace FAQ


The Windows Marketplace Team

 Microsoft respects your privacy.  Please read our online Privacy Statement.

    Microsoft Store      Windows Marketplace FAQ      Digital Locker Account      Privacy Statement

TechNet’s EBS 2008 Technical FAQ Page

Check out the Essential Business Server 2008 FAQ page at for your questions about TMG (like do you need to install it in EBS) and the like.

How to get IMAPS configured on your EBS network (as in BlackBerry Storm)

Okay, I got a phone call that the owner’s son at a customer site has picked up a BlackBerry Storm and is traveling across the country tomorrow and needs it configured.  How do you do it?  Like this:

All you need to do to get IMAPS (TCP Port 993) to work for external clients is create a TMG rule.  You’ll want to use IMAPS only, not IMAP, so you’ll keep your email and credentials secure.  Once you create the following rule in TMG, you can go to your cellular provider’s BIS site ( for example) and drop your email address and password in.  You’ll be setup in no time. By the way, the reason we’re not using the OWA interface for this is that RIM has not figured out how to get around the way TMG handles the OWA page.  RIM’s support doc ID: KB04804 states that they can’t get through because of the CookieAuth.dll it puts in the Web address.

Example steps to create a new TMG Publishing Rule:
1. Create new “Non-Web Server Protocol Publishing Rule.”
2. Name it something similar to : Allow incoming email by publishing IMAPS Mail Server – “Your name here.”
    As a side note, it is always good to sign your rules in TMG so you can track what is default and who created what.
3. Input your MSG Server IP address (or browse to it in the interface and it will put the IP in for you).
4. Under Selected Protocol choose IMAPS Server from the drop down menu.
5. Listen from External.
6. Select Finish.
For placement in the ISA, I mean Forefront Threat Management Gateway, Firewall Policy list, I placed right below the default “Allow incoming email
by publishing SMTP Mail Server” rule.
7. Select Apply and you’ll be ready to go with your IMAPS external clients.

Hope this helps save someone else the hours I spent figuring it out (don’t publish to the SEC server for example).  ;-)