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Calyptix, IP blocks, and SMTP servers

Calyptix Access Enforcer firewalls are great.  I’m writing this post from behind our AE1000 right now.  I’m a big fan of theirs and intend to deploy many more at our customer sites as we refresh their existing firewalls and servers.  … Continue reading

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Does Doyenz have their head in the clouds you ask?

“Suspended high among the pastel clouds of Bespin, held aloft by huge repulsorlifts built into its curved frame, is a floating metropolis of sophisticated beauty and political freedom. Cloud City exists not only as a mining colony, extracting valuable Tibanna … Continue reading

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Have a Calyptix and Microsoft Updates are failing?

Setting up a new Windows 2008 x64 Server and loading updates on a customer’s Vista notebook.  Having updates fail on the server with an 802002b error stating “Windows Update encountered an unknown error” on the 2008 box.  I have also been … Continue reading

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Do not install IPv6 on your SBS 2003 box

I owe the .NET team an apology for blaming them as the original cause of the problems described in this post.  The pro and con of blog posting is that we can fire off a post and later find out … Continue reading

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EBS Console freezing or needing to restart SBS 2008 once a week or so? Look here for your answer.

Thanks to Chris Puckett and his team for working on this to get a resolution.  We have seen this primarily with Trend Micro (our primary anti-virus product) but it is happening with any product using TDI, so if you are … Continue reading

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