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Microsoft Exchange Team Veteran Scott Roberts will be at the PSSBS meeting tonight in Redmond!

Scott Roberts has 12+ years at Microsoft under his belt and is currently the Test Lead for the Exchange CXP [Sustained Engineering] team here in Redmond. For over 5 years, he has been on the Exchange CXP team and before that he was the tester for DSAccess and other Directory related tools. Scott was also responsible for manually testing IMAP/SMTP/POP3 for an older Microsoft Product called MCIS.

Scott lives in Redmond and has resided in Washington for over 12 years. He is looking to attend several of the Washington State user groups over the next year to answer any questions that may arise around servicing, tools, Microsoft Update, and other related areas so that he can ensure that the CXP team properly understands the customer scenarios that are out there.

If you are a user group leader in the northwest and would like to get connected with Scott for possible presentations, drop me a note with your email address and I’ll make sure it gets over to Scott. Possible topics he’ll consider for group meetings include:

1.       Servicing via Microsoft Update, WSUS, SMS/Systems Center, 3rd Party

2.       Silent install versus UI based install

3.       Servicing Cluster Scenarios

4.       Servicing E14 DAG Scenarios

5.       E12 specific servicing pain points

6.       E14 Rollup 1 experience

7.       Servicing SBS

For those of you in the Bellevue area tonight, head on over to the Puget Sound Small Business Server User Group meeting in Lincoln Square. Check out for directions.

BPOS Sync Tool does not migrate passwords

Had this question come up today, so thought I’d drop a quick post on it. The Directory Synchronization tool used with Microsoft’s Online Services does a one-way sync from your Active Directory up to the BPOS servers, and does not migrate passwords. You have to do those manually, and if you change a password in your local AD, it must be updated manually on the BPOS side.

See the Microsoft Online Services “About Directory Synchronization” page for the official wording on it.

Critical Update Available for ShadowProtect 3.x Customers

Recevied the following email today and wanted to help get the word out. Get your StorageCraft ShadowProtect updated as soon as you can so you don’t get burned by this!

Critical Update Available for ShadowProtect 3.x Customers

Valued Partners:


StorageCraft would like to announce the availability of ShadowProtect 3.5.1 for download now. This software patch fixes a rare issue found in ShadowProtect 3.x which affects some incremental backup images, but not full backup image files. This issue causes some incremental image files not to include all of the file system changes made since the last backup image. Any affected file will show chkdsk errors when mounted. This rare issue occurs on some systems running Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 – but is not limited to these systems.


If you are running ShadowProtect 3.x, StorageCraft recommends that you download ShadowProtect 3.5.1, run the patch, reboot your system and begin a new backup image set – starting with a new full image of your system. To download this ShadowProtect update, please select:


ShadowProtect Server Edition:


ShadowProtect Small Business Server Edition:


ShadowProtect Desktop Edition:


The ShadowProtect 3.5.1 update does not affect your current ShadowProtect 3.5 recovery CD. Therefore, a new .iso download is not necessary.


If you have additional questions regarding this update, please visit the StorageCraft Support Center:


For more information about this update, please refer to the ShadowProtect 3.5.1 readme file.




The StorageCraft Team


How to Manually Install Certificates in SBS 2008

New post by SBS superhero, Mark Stanfill, on how to correct for missing subject fields and how to manually install SSL certificates in Small Business Server 2008. Thanks Mark!

"Failed to create Edge Subscription" error in your SBS to EBS migration?

Great blog post by Steve Knutson on his “Failed to create Edge Subscription” error in his Essential Business Server 2008 migration from Small Business Server 2003. We’ve seen this error in EBS installed into virtualized environments, but the timing issue with SBS and EBS was a new twist on the same error. Thanks for the screen shot and the log content too!

Windows Server and Windows Azure are now the Server & Cloud Division

Microsoft’s Windows Server and Windows Azure teams are now one, the Server & Cloud Division.

Microsoft Joins Push for Better Computer Science Education in U.S.

Microsoft Joins Push for Better Computer Science Education in U.S. – Thanks to each of the organizations involved (Microsoft, Association for Computing Machinery, Google Inc., Intel Corporation, the Computer Science Teachers Association, National Center for Women & Information Technology and the Computing Research Association) for getting the awareness out there for this. In my opinion, what also need to be addressed in our schools is K-12 math and science. The current curriculum from what I’ve seen does not cover the enough of the basics, or enough problem solving, critical thinking, and research. I am not an educator, but as a father of an elementary student, and as a business owner who owns a technology consulting firm, I feel our public school system is setting the bar way too low for our students. Curriculum like what is being used by, is doing a much better job of this from what I’ve seen, but we need to have this level of quality across all our school systems.

Trouble with "Set up your Internet Address" wizard in SBS 2008?

Ran into this earlier today. If you happen to be messing with your SSL Certificates and get your “Set up your Internet Address” wizard into a state that it fails, run the Fix My Network Wizard (FNCW) and you should be good to go.

In my case, the DPCW log (C:\Program Files\Windows Small Business Server\Logs\DPCW.log) was showing in its last two entries “certcoll is null or zero count” and “closing store” with the Internet Address  Management Wizard (IAMW) closing out.