MDOP and DaRT – My favorite tool, and most frightful if in the wrong hands. :-)

Thanks Brad for the post “Windows Management with MDOP” to bring awareness to the Advanced Group Policy Management and DaRT pieces of MDOP. If you are in IT and not using it in your Windows network, you’re missing a great tool set in MDOP.

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One Response to MDOP and DaRT – My favorite tool, and most frightful if in the wrong hands. :-)

  1. Ravi says:

    There’s pearntrs and there’s pearntrs.For example I’m educating a group of pearntrs in my area that have higher sales volumes that I do, but don’t spend the time I do in learning and research. Nothing wrong with that.The marketing covers a broad spectrum. You’re clearly in the upper echelon where the technical information and project planning is more important than marketing. Yourself and other (b)leading edge users (me included) will probably migrate early and use this as a reference for further upgrades.Any business with tight margins and short movement in their budgets won’t even bother starting the discovery process for migration until MS release pricing, which only happens at release. I’ll leave my gripe about leaving pricing until RTM for another day  This means they’re quite a way off migrating anyway.

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