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How do you move out of EBS now that it is retired?

Details on how to move out of Essential Business Server are now live at Well, really it is here at You have until December 31, 2010 to do the change over if you are going to.

Jamison West presenting in the 5W/25 Series 9 AM this morning!

Go to and scroll down toward the bottom to register. Session is at 9 AM today. If you miss it, go back and download it and watch.

Don’t miss PSSBS’ own Jamison West as he shares insight into his proven successful MSP business with the rest of us! Thank you Jamison! :-)

Building and Growing Your Managed Services Business
The decision to transform a business from a reactive break/fix model to a proactive recurring model is not one to be taken lightly. In this session we will discuss the following:

A definition of Managed Services

Resources for more information on this business model
o Industry Conferences and Events
o Peer Groups
o User Groups
o Media

What needs to change in your business to support the new model
o 180° Thinking
o Marketing and Sales Message – Selling your brand, not your vendors brands
o Excellent Tools (PSA & RMM)
o Compensation Incentive Strategies
* Service – Pay for utilization vs. profitability
* Sales – Hunter vs. Farmer
o Evolution vs. Revolution

SPEAKER BIO: Jamison West is the Founder and CEO of Jamison West Consulting Services (JWCS), an IT infrastructure management company driven to make technology work FOR business. He envisions a future where every small to mid-sized company will include their IT partner as a vital part of its core operations team.

In 1995, Jamison made the decision to combine his gadget-guy mentality, passion for technology, and innate entrepreneurial spirit into an independent company where he could create solutions for small to mid-sized businesses that would cause a radical shift in their long-term success. Recognizing the immediate need for businesses to have IT partners they could rely on in the face of ever-evolving systems and an onslaught of highly sophisticated viral threats, JWCS was launched and began serving clients in Seattle and the surrounding area. In late 2006 Jamison decided to dramatically change his business model from a lifestyle sole proprietorship doing break/fix work to a structured Managed Services business. Since then he has incorporated and grown to a staff of 10 with revenues well north of $1M. Jamison’s enthusiasm makes it easy to rally others into his corporate vision: To be recognized as the region’s most trusted advisor for IT Services, ensuring that our clients can focus solely on their business while we focus on seamlessly integrating technology.

Jamison holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington. When he’s not personally overseeing JWCS, he devotes time to his kids and wife, a good book, or even a pickup basketball game to create a positive work/life balance.

Request and install public SSL certificate in EBS

Looking for straight directions on how to install commercial 3rd party certificate on your Essential Business Server? Here’s a step by step for you to use based off of GoDaddy, Microsoft TechNet and EBS Official Blog posts:

Open the Default Web Site in IIS 7 and ensure you are in Features View.

If you already have a certificate, or an expired cert, under Actions on the right, select Bindings.


Scroll down to https, highlight, and select edit: