SDN Event June 23rd

It was that time again last Monday. Another great SDN Event by SDN. As usual there was a full DotNetNuke track. And, also as usual, a whole lot of other great content. Besides doing a session myself image– on custom development for DotNetNuke other then just modules – I went to a session by Robert-Jan Tuit on Silverlight 2. Not to much news for me there, but it was good to see the stuff working again. Didn’t have much time for that myself lately…

Anyway, this was the last SDN Event before SDN Conference and Openforce Europe so we are now focusing 100% on that great event, coming up in October. Registration is open already by the way. See you there, right?

The custom tool ‘MSLinqToSQLGenerator’ failed

“Oh darn… it’s one of those again”. That was there first thing I thought recently when all-of-a-sudden I got an error in VS2008 after trying to open up a generated DBML file in the Object Relational Designer:

“The operation could not be completed.”

Now that’s helpful, isn’t it? After a bit of digging in the output window I also found this one:

“The custom tool ‘MSLinqToSQLGenerator’ failed.  Could not retrieve the current project.”

The part about the custom tool lead me to think it would probably be an issue with an AddIn. But unfortunately, the AddIn manager in VS2008 doesn’t have an entry for this tool. But still this was close to the solution. Somehow, somewhere (in a galaxy far, far away) Visual Studio encountered an error in the tool and must have marked it not be started again. Ever.

Anyway: In the registry, I deleted all subkeys below HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\Packages and it worked like a blast again.

Thanks to this post on the MSDN forums.

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