Visual Studio Coloring Scheme

I’ve been noticing quite a few developers start to change the default coloring scheme of Visual Studio to “something darker”. It’s supposed to be more relaxing for your eyes and hey… we all want to be relaxed while coding, right? I mean, we don’t want it to start to look like working.

Well, today I found myself a few minutes to browse for a nice coloring scheme to use myself. Tried to find a few a bit Blend-ish, but found most somewhat too colorful. Too much contrast doesn’t feel all that right to me.

Eventually I decided to stick with this one for a while, not in the last place because it has  some settings to make Resharper fit in nicely. Besides that, the colors seem bright at first, but are well chosen. I did change some font sizes from rather large to rather small (like for the Output Window), downloadable below.

I should try and see how many hours I can work without taking a break with these colors Nerd.

Anyway: here’s screenshot:


And here’s the download from my Sky Drive:


Have fun!

Run as Administrator

So, finally, about 8 months after I had my laptop upgraded from 2 to 4 GB of memory, I found the time to install Vista 64-bit. Finally the 4th gig will be used too.

This time, as opposed to last time, I decided to keep UAC enabled. Now, there are of course some applications I always want to run as an Administrator. The fist one I encountered, not very surprisingly, was Visual Studio.

Luckily, there’s this very simple trick in Vista, that allows you to always run an application as an Administrator:

  • Open Explorer and browse to the executable file for the application
  • Right click the executable en choose Properties
  • Click on the Compatibility tab
  • Check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox:


You will get prompted for consent on running the application elevated, but I’m happy.

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