Somasegar: Listening to your feedback – Expression and MSDN

Microsoft has its own ways to amuse people with there new products. Almost every year Microsoft invites MVP's (Microsoft Valuable Professional) for Microsoft Global Summit in Seattle. This year was no different and I was glad to be a part of it! 

With keynote address from Bill Gates and Microsoft Product Managers sharing their vision of what's next, Product feedback all was informative, most of it under NDA.

Meeting Somasegar, Scott Guthrie whose blogs are survival kit for me was a pleasure. Nonetheless the exciting stuff that they mentioned about Microsoft coming up with was amazing.

I had been hearing about Microsoft Expression, Global Summit was no different. I did not work on it extensively, but a little bit of reading was done over the time. Though I got a chance to visit the Microsoft eCompanyStore at Seattle I am not sure what held me back from grabbing Microsoft Expression.

Well I always wished and still wish, such goodies should be a part of MSDN and to my surprise, below mail from my lead Steve Dybing about Announcement from Somasegar was a succor:

"…Based on this feedback, I am pleased to say that we will be making Expression Blend and Expression Web available to all MSDN Premium subscribers shortly after the release of Expression Studio (Q2 2007).  Expression Blend and Expression Web are intended to help creative professionals collaborate with developers to create rich user experiences for the Web, Windows Vista applications and beyond, which means we need to make sure both tools are readily available to our developer community."

More about this announcement on Somasegar's blog: Listening to your feedback – Expression and MSDN

Very glad and can't wait to try it out!


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