Add or Remove “Minimum processor state” and “Maximum processor state” in Power Options in Windows

The Minimum processor state is the minimum performance percentage your CPU will automatically decrease to save energy and battery life when there is little CPU demand by the system. You would want to keep this percentage the same or lower than the Maximum processor state setting.

The Maximum processor state is the maximum percentage performance your CPU will automatically increase to save energy and battery life when CPU demand increases. You would want to keep this percentage the same or higher than the Minimum processor state setting.

This tutorial will show you how to add or remove the “Minimum processor state” and “Maximum processor state” setting under Processor power management in Power Options for all users in Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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Microsoft’s unified technology event for enterprises


Ainsi donc, il n’y aura plus de Conférence SharePoint. Microsoft a décidé de la remplacer par une conférence beaucoup plus large, avec en plus de SP2013 et de Office 365, Lync, Exchange, Project…

Comme si on n’était pas déjà assez nombreux à la SP Conf. Mais bon, la raison de MS a parfois des raisons que la raison ignore…


Donc, bloquer déjà la semaine du 5 mai 2015 et rendez-vous à Chicago pour la première grand messe du genre.


Toutes les infos disponibles à ce jour sur :

Leadership – Examples from NASA moon landing in 1969

John Maxwell shares excellent leadership guidance in following post:

Forty-five years ago, on July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin accomplished a feat considered impossible for much of human history. Escaping the gravitational pull of the earth, and soaring beyond its atmosphere, they were the first persons to set foot on the moon. Their successful mission was the crowning achievement of NASA’s space program. Similar to space explorers, leaders desire to expand the frontiers of their industry, to reach higher levels of influence, and to go beyond what has been previously accomplished. For them, the primary challenge isn’t defying gravity but denying the self. Journeying to significance means going beyond the limitations of self-interest by way of servanthood.

Going Beyond Yourself Means…

1) Seeing Beyond Yourself 2) Growing Beyond Yourself 3) Giving Beyond Yourself 4) Gathering Beyond Yourself

Aside from that, a leader has to offer others a vision that

1) compellingly solves a significant problem 2) expresses a sense of urgency 3) is bigger than any one person 4) is connected to a realistic strategy 5) is infused with passion.

Even so, people won’t stick with the vision unless you stand by them—supporting their needs, empowering them with responsibility, and sharing the credit for success.

Oracle – Critical Security updates JULY 2014

Users should promptly patch their systems for critical JAVA updates and other products as shared in links below

Oracle, the maker of Java, has released a flood of security patches affecting a wide array of its products.  In all, Oracle has released some 113 security fixes in its July Critical Patch Update, addressing holes in a plethora of products and services. But what most computer users are likely to be interested in are the newly-released security patches for Java.  In total, Oracle’s security update is said to fix 20 vulnerabilities in Java, all of which can be exploited by remote hackers

Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia..

Event Viewer errors..

I have four of them, all appearing in the last 24 hours, all ongoing, and all are the Kernel-Power ID137 type. The Kernel-Power error occurs when there is what the system sees as a sudden shutdown, and is not the type of error which causes problems. It is always the after effects of a problem. I am not concerned about it.

The errors always start with me putting my computer into hibernation, and quite why it sees hibernation as an error, I honestly don’t know, but it does.

The error itself has no bad effect on the computer from a user standpoint and other than putting an entry into Event Viewer, there is no outward indication. No further investigation is requires, and I take no notice of it other than to tell you.

There are lots of errors recorded in Event Viewer sometimes, but what you might not realise is that many of the errors are rectified as Windows gets into step. What Windows doesn’t do is erase reported errors even though the issue may be fixed in the next part of the boot sequence.

My advice: Use Event Viewer sparingly. It’s results can be confusing and need to be seen in conjunction with other entries. It offers no one click or multiple click fixes. For the most part, it confirms what the user already knows, that being the computer is working well or not working well..


Command Prompt..

It’s just a little black window, and typing in a command and pressing <enter> to execute the command can see lines of unintelligible stuff flow by very quickly indeed. This is it’s downfall for the uninitiated and computer illitertati.

There are not too many dangerous tasks which Command Prompt can host in its default state, but when initiated in ‘run as administrator’ mode, it can be lethal and unstoppable.

My advice: Unless you understand consequences, have the knowledge, and know how to extricate yourself and your computer from the depths of despair, do not go near Command Prompt because you have heard that you can force changes by using it..


Tune Ups..

If you want to tune something, buy a guitar. Do not attempt to tune up your computer. Despite what you might hear from some computer users, Windows knows far more about ‘best settings’ than you will ever know, and considerably more than any suite of utilities making the claim that it can make your computer run better.

In commercial use, a computer may be altered to run one specific task, but this scenario is a long way away from a computer used for a range of differing tasks

If you find that a program or application will not run or runs badly, it is either incompatible with the operating system in some way or the hardware resources available are simply not enough for best case performance.

My advice: If you want good performance, do not buy a budget computer, do not change Windows settings, and never ever use anything which promises a one click fix..


Heat sensing utilities..

Ask me how hot your computer should be at rest and when doing tasks, and I will come back at you and ask how long a piece of string should be. There is no correct or right answer, but one thing is for sure. When your computer starts to cut out suddenly because it is getting too hot, you have a problem.

I use Speedfan to tell me what is happening, and I know that computer is running well. Presently, this is what is happening inside..

  1. CPU (AMD) = 33°C. This can rise very quickly indeed, but in a clean state, it will drop back very quickly too. Mine has a huge twin fan and large heat sink attached. Expect an Intel processor to hover around 50°C or more on a standard manufacturer supplied fan/heat sink assembly
  2. GPU (video) = 41°C. This is a 3rd party card with no cooling of its own, just fins. However, my case has a special fitment that allows for an 80mm fan to blow directly across the video card. If I was playing a game, I would expect to see it peak in the high 50’s, low 60’s at times..
  3. HD0 = 31°C. This is the primary drive (boot). Hard drives are not designed to work in environments beyond 45°C, and neither of mine do. The drive enclosure has a 120mm fan on either side, one pushing and one pulling. Laptops are not like this and the drive can often run at over 50°C. In cases like this, place your laptop on a cooler base and get the main and only fan cleaned out.
  4. HD1 = 30°C. As above..
  5. Northbridge chipset = 31°C. This shows ambient temperature in the case really, and laptops do not record this, only desktops
  6. Southbridge chipset = 29°C. As above

Note that my tower has ample cooling, is not in a particularly enclosed space, and is not doing very much at all. Were I to start an intensive game, the first two would shoot up. If I was to run a disk check, 3 and 4 would rise, and if I was pushing the machine to its absolute limits, all would rise.

Laptops see temperature changes fluctuate far more because there is little free air around them, are expected to work with the air intakes partially or completely blocked. With only one fan, it is amazing that they stay as cool as they do.

My advice: By all means run Speedfan or similar, but only pay particular attention if temperatures stay high. Peaks are fine and to be expected. It is when the peaks level out like a high altitude plateau that you should start to worry..


In conclusion: Utilities which run checks are great, but don’t let them get to you. Use the results at any one time as a benchmark, and if the numbers start to rise and stay there, it is time to do something about it. Don’t lose sleep and don’t install anything which promises to fix everything. Ask people who know, and I mean ‘who know’, not those who think that they know..


My Blog Migrated to WordPress

Wow, what a surprise! blog site now on WordPress! A VERY BIG thanks to the folks at! Awesome guys!

AntiVirus – Malware Cleanup Test July 2014

Malwarebytes achieved a perfect score in malware cleanup during recent testing by the AV-TEST Institute.

When your antivirus software is nicely installed and integrated with Windows, it has lots of chances to prevent malware infestation. It can block access to the malicious URL, kill the download before it executes, eliminate known malware based on its signature, detect and avert malicious behavior, and so on. But if the malware has already dug in its heels, that’s a different story. An arduous, months-long test by AV-Test Institute evaluated which products do the best cleanup job. Note that even if your antivirus is installed and running, it might miss a brand-new zero-day attack. If later on it gets an update that can detect that zero-day malware, it’s in the same situation as a product installed on an infested system. Well, it’s not quite as bad; at least the malware can’t fight back to prevent the initial antivirus installation.

Sitting in the Las Vegas airport

And attempting to work on migrating C through Z of the blog content and I gotta say the one drawback of the surface device is the lack of a static work area.  A traditional laptop has a more firm keyboard that one can balance on your laptop, a surface device is much more unstable.

Have any of the readers of this blog that have found  your way to the new blog site that use surface’s for travel, have you had issues whereby the unit works great on a desktop, but if you are sitting in a airport seat,  and trying to use the keyboard with the unit, it flops over?

Maybe I need a stiffer set of muscles in my leg to balance the keyboard on?

Blog migration status:  Images still broken, categories a disaster, still migrating content, sitting in the Las Vegas airport and about to fall asleep waiting for my airplane…..

Facebook – New Buy Button capability being pilot tested

By harrywaldron Facebook is testing new e-commerce capabilities that have both security and privacy needs in a social networking environment

Facebook announced this week that it’s testing a “Buy” button feature on the site that would allow users to make purchases without leaving Facebook. While it’s a good idea, and an inevitability, to combine online retail and social media, many users are likely to be put off by the thought of trusting Facebook with their credit card information. Facebook preemptively addressed those concerns in its press release announcing the new feature, saying: “We’ve built this feature with privacy in mind, and have taken steps to help make the payment experience safe and secure. None of the credit or debit card information people share with Facebook when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers, and people can select whether or not they’d like to save payment information for future purchases.” Of course, the site’s move into e-commerce will have plenty of detractors, and Facebook will have to prove it belongs on the same stage as industry giants such as Amazon and eBay. However, with Facebook’s already-massive user base growing every day, there’s no denying that the move will be a hugely profitable one for Facebook. It remains to be seen, however, just how users will react to the potential privacy ramifications.

How to Power Off and On Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

If your Windows Phone stops working or responding in the way you’re used to, you can quickly restart it to get back on track. You can restart your phone by powering it off, and turning it back on afterwards.

You may also want to turn off your Windows phone as needed. For example, before entering a court room.

This tutorial will show you how to completely turn off and turn back on your Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 phone.

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