Porto Tech Hub 2015 – Wrap Up

Porto Tech Hub is over… for now! I was interesting, I got the chance to listen to some good presentations, learn a bit, and see old friends. I really liked the presentations by my former colleagues @ CRITICAL Software, Norberto Leite (@nleite), from MongoDB and Rui Ferreira, from Facebook, which you can grab from the event’s site.

My presentation, Microsoft ♥ Open Source, is now available at my SlideShare. I tried to show a few open source projects and initiatives from Microsoft, so as to demonstrate that it has always supported open source for some time now.

As always, I’d like to hear from you!

How to Add or Remove Most Used programs on Start Menu in Windows 10

The Must used group on your Start menu will store and display your recently opened programs.

This tutorial will show you how to remove programs from the Most used list, and how to completely turn on or off the Most used group on your Start menu in Windows 10.

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How to Add or Remove Recently Added apps on Start Menu in Windows 10

The Recently added group on your Start menu shows the last new desktop app or Windows app from the Store installed.

This tutorial will show you how to remove apps from the Recently added apps group, and how to completely turn on or off the Recently added group on your Start menu in Windows 10.

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Event: Windows 10 Dev Readiness Webcasts

Coming soon is a series of live webcasts that deliver first-hand guidance on how you can leverage the new Windows 10 development model. The webcasts will be presented and moderated by Microsoft MVPs around the world at no charge and are a great opportunity for you to not only learn the foundations of Universal App Development in Windows 10, but also to connect with some of the top experts in your country and/or language. Bring your Windows Store app development questions and have them answered live, by the experts, and learn how to take advantage of the great opportunities ahead in the Universal Windows Platform.

  • Each webcast will deliver the same content in different countries from June 8 – 12.
  • They will last from one to three hours, depending on the amount of community interaction.


View the agenda and register for these free webcasts at: http://ln.ganshani.com/win10mvp2015

I’m also glad to have some of my SEA MVP friends Walter Wong and Tim Chew present a session on Universal Windows Platform.

Weekend reading

How to Add or Remove Links on Start List in Windows 10

The Start menu in Windows 10 has a Start list that you can customize which places to link to in the list. You can add or remove the File Explorer, Settings, Documents library, Downloads, Music library, Pictures library, Videos library, Homegroup, Network, and Personal folder to your Start list to open from your Start menu.

Some of these links (ex: File Explorer) will display a Jump List (expandable menu caret) for items you recently opened with the link.

This tutorial will show you how to customize which places to link to in your Start list in Windows 10.

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Removal instructions for TopArcadeHits

What is TopArcadeHits?

The Malwarebytes research team has determined that TopArcadeHits is a browser hijacker. These so-called “hijackers” manipulate your browser(s), for example to change your startpage or searchscopes, so that the affected browser visits their site or one of their choice. This one also displays advertisements.


Leadership – Manage yourself rather than time

An excellent article on leadership from John Maxwell’s management blog


Here’s an important announcement: There is no such thing as time management. Think about it; the term is an oxymoron. Time cannot be managed. It cannot be controlled in any way. Everyone gets the same number of hours and minutes every day. Nobody—no matter how shrewd—can save minutes from one day to spend on another. No scientist—no matter how smart—is capable of creating new minutes. Even with all his wealth, someone like Bill Gates can’t buy additional hours for his day. And even though people talk about trying to “find time,” they need to quit looking. There isn’t any extra lying around. Twenty-four hours is the best any of us is going to get. You can’t manage your time. So what can you do?

Manage yourself! Nothing separates successful people from unsuccessful people more than how they use their time. Successful people understand that time is the most precious commodity on earth. And that we all have an equal amount, packed into identical suitcases. So even though everyone’s suitcase is the same size, they get a higher return on the contents of theirs. Why? They know what to pack.

Google – Brillo O/S designed for home device control

A specialized version of Android was announced that is designed to control devices used in home environment as noted below:



Google didn’t have anyone sky-diving into Moscone at this year’s I/O developer conference, but it did have news about virtual reality, the next version of Android, and a new platform for the Internet of Things.

Project Brillo is a version of Android for your Internet-connected home gadgets. Entrepreneurs have made great strides in getting everything from your coffee pot to your fridge connected to the Internet, but Brillo is about getting those devices to seamlessly communicate with one another.

“Our day-to-day lives will be much simpler when these technologies can talk to each other—if our recipe app, for example, could communicate with our smart oven to turn the temperature to exactly the right setting,” Google said in a blog post. “​Or outside the home—from transportation systems that notify commuters of schedule changes, to farms where harvesters and irrigation systems are controlled from phones.”

Brillo is “derived from Android [and] lets developers and manufacturers build connected devices,” Google said. “As part of Brillo, we’re introducing a communications protocol (Weave) developed in partnership with Nest, a set of developer APIs, a core set of schemas, and a certification program to ensure device and app interoperability

Google I/O conference 2015 highlights

PC Magazine features slideshow of Google I/O conference 2015 highlights


Google I/O kicked off this week in San Francisco with a clear reminder that the company mission has extended well beyond a list of 10 blue links. Google’s Senior Vice President of Product, Sundar Pichai, reminded the crowd of 3,000 developers just how broad that mission is: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. What started with search now includes mobile operating systems, self-driving cars, virtual reality, ad platforms, natural language processing, and one of the most remarkable products every made out of cardboard.

Google GMAIL – improvements announced in MAY 2015

GMAIL improvements were announced during this week’s I/O conference



Until now, if you wanted to try out Google’s Inbox by Gmail app but couldn’t score an invitation you were out of luck. That’s about to change. Google on Thursday announced it has opened Inbox to everyone. The app, which launched in October 2015 to bring some more organization to your Gmail inbox, is now available for download on iOS and Android without an invitation.

Google also rolled out a major update for the app, adding a number of user-requested features, including trip bundles and the ability to undo a message you just sent. Besides that, Inbox is also getting a few other time-saving features. When you create a reminder using the Google Keep app, for instance, it will now automatically appear in Inbox as well. And when someone emails you a to-do, Inbox may suggest adding it as a reminder so you don’t forget.

Facebook – Adds GIF animated support for photo images


Facebook has recently added limited support for animated images as noted below:

Get ready for Facebook to be a whole lot more animated. The social network has caved and joined the GIF party. That’s right, you can finally post an animated GIF in your Facebook status update. “We’re rolling out support for animated GIFs in News Feed,” a Facebook spokesperson confirmed in an email to PCMag.com. “This is so you can share more fun, expressive things with your friends on Facebook.”

The feature is still kind of limited, though. At this point, it only works when you paste the link to a GIF that’s already been uploaded to the Web. If you try to upload one that’s saved on your computer using the “add photos/video” feature, the GIF will be converted to a still image, according to TechCrunch. It’s also not working on brand Pages at this time

How to Change Location where New Apps will Install and Save to in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can now select where your new Windows apps from the Store will install and save data to by default instead of on the Windows drive.

You can select to install new Windows apps to any internal or external drive, including SD cards, USB drives, and USB flash drives. You cannot use mapped network drives, and you can only use one location at a time to save apps to. The drives will not need to be formatted to be able to use them to install and store Windows apps.

This tutorial will show you how to change the location of where new Windows apps will install to from the Store for your account in Windows 10.

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Leadership – the servant leadership concept


John Maxwell’s blog shares excellent advice on being attuned to team member needs and helping each member contribute and grow:


What’s your highest calling as a leader? Well, I believe it’s being a servant leader. I often teach that leaders ask the question, “Will I help people?” But servant leaders ask, “HOW will I help people?” When you’re a servant leader, you do so much more than just make people a priority. You look for specific opportunities to serve them and help them reach their potential.

In my own leadership journey, I’ve made servant leadership my goal for many years. And as my influence has increased, I’ve pursued many specific opportunities to serve those who hear me speak and read my books, so that they can grow into who they were created to be.

If you’re a leader, don’t just settle the question of IF you’ll serve others. Figure out HOW you will, and then go do it. By being a servant leader, you’ll have the joy of seeing positive outcomes and great growth in your people. It will be worth the effort.

IPAM: 2 Reading data

Once you have your IPAM server configured you can start to read the data its collected.

If you are working against a remote IPAM server than you need to create a CIM session to that machine before doing anything else.

$cs = New-CimSession -ComputerName W12R2SUS


You can discover the domain you’re working against

ÂŁ> Get-IpamDiscoveryDomain -CimSession $cs | fl

Name           : manticore.org
DiscoverDc     : True
DiscoverDns    : True
DiscoverDhcp   : True
PSComputerName : W12R2SUS

The IPAM server configuration

ÂŁ> Get-IpamConfiguration -CimSession $cs | fl

Version            :
Port               : 48885
ProvisioningMethod : Manual
GpoPrefix          :
HMACKey            : System.Security.SecureString
PSComputerName     : W12R2SUS


The servers – DHCP, DNS and DCs that IPAM is aware of:

ÂŁ> Get-IpamServerInventory -CimSession $cs

RecommendedAction   : IPAM Access Unblocked
ManageabilityStatus : Managed
IPAMAccessStatus    : Unblocked
ServerType          : {DC, DNS, DHCP}
ServerName          : server02
Name                : server02.Manticore.org
DnsSuffix           : Manticore.org
DomainName          : manticore.org
ServerStatus        : NoChange
DataRetrievalStatus : Completed
IPv4Address         : {}
IPv6Address         :
PSComputerName      : W12R2SUS


The address space

ÂŁ> Get-IpamAddressSpace -CimSession $cs

Name                           : Default
Type                           : ProviderAddressSpace
Owner                          :
Description                    : Default Provider IP Address Space
AssociatedProviderAddressSpace :
Tenant                         :
VMNetwork                      :
IsolationMethod                :
Ipv4PercentageUtilized         : 3.44827586206896
Ipv6PercentageUtilized         : 0
CustomConfiguration            :
PSComputerName                 : W12R2SUS


Individual subnets

ÂŁ> Get-IpamSubnet -CimSession $cs -AddressFamily IPv4

Name                 :
NetworkId            :
NetworkType          : NonVirtualized
Overlapping          : False
NetworkSite          :
VmmLogicalNetwork    :
ProviderAddressSpace : Default
CustomerAddressSpace :
VlanId               :
Owner                :
PSComputerName       : W12R2SUS


and the address ranges for those subnets

ÂŁ> Get-IpamRange -CimSession $cs -AddressFamily IPv4

Overlapping      : False
NetworkID        :
StartIPAddress   :
EndIPAddress     :
ManagedByService : MS DHCP
ServiceInstance  : server02.Manticore.org
NetworkType      : NonVirtualized
Owner            :
PSComputerName   : W12R2SUS

Removal instructions for ShopSafer

What is ShopSafer?

The Malwarebytes research team has determined that ShopSafer is adware. These adware applications display advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing.


This week @ TCG..

Production machine maintenance:

The X Port on the CM690 gave up on me, so now the best feature of the case, and the reason for buying the case, will cost more than $50 to fix. This is because the offending circuit board in the top of the case has given out and CoolerMaster only supply the entire top, not just the 20c board.

Overall, the case has been ok, BUT it has had three new tops already in a bid to cure bad grounding in the case’s electronics which used to cause sudden shutdowns on a regular basis. I thought that I had all of that behind me and that the case would be ok. I was wrong. My next case will not come from the CoolerMaster stable. Sorry guys.. Sad smile

While looking into the above issue, I gave it a thorough cleaning out and replaced an 80mm fan which had been supplying airflow to the fanless graphics card for a 140mm fan. Has it made a difference? Hardly, but it was a nice fan, removed from a broken power supply, and I felt that I needed to use it.. Smile 

MS Office 2016 Preview:

It looks a lot like Office 2013 which was a round edged version of Office 2010. Is there more to Office 2016 or am I missing something here?

The Netbook:

For a mediocre Netbook of it’s time, performance running Windows 10 is remarkable. it’s cute enough to be a poster child for Windows 10 free upgrades. I still have the Windows 7 drive intact and ready to be used for the final upgrade.. Smile

Removal instructions for UnfriendAlert

What is UnfriendAlert?

The Malwarebytes research team has determined that UnfriendAlert is adware. These adware applications display advertisements not originating from the sites you are browsing.


Copy files over PS remoting sessions

One neat feature of the April 2015 WMF 5.0 preview is that you can copy files over a remoting session.

First create a session to a remote machine

$cs = New-PSSession -ComputerName W12R2SUS


Define the source and destination for the copy.  Use –ToSession to determine the remoting session you will use to determine the remote machine

Copy-Item -Path C:Sourcetest.csv -Destination C:Sourcetest.csv -ToSession $cs


You use –FromSession to copy from a remote machine

Copy-Item -Path C:Sourcesrv.csv -Destination C:Sourcesrv.csv -FromSession $cs


What you can’t do is copy from one session to another

$cs2 = New-PSSession -ComputerName server02

ÂŁ> Copy-Item -Path C:Source*.csv -Destination C:Source -FromSession $cs2 -ToSession $cs
Copy-Item : ‘-FromSession’ and ‘-ToSession’ are mutually exclusive and cannot be specified at the same time.

How to Synchronize Clock with an Internet Time Server in Windows 10

Your PC’s clock is used to record the time whenever you create or modify files on your PC. You can change the clock’s time and time zone.

You can synchronize your PC’s clock with an Internet time server. This means that the clock on your PC is updated to match the clock on the time server, which can help ensure that the clock’s time on your PC is accurate. Your clock is typically automatically updated once a week and needs to be connected to the Internet for the synchronization to occur.

This tutorial will show you how to synchronize your PC’s clock with an Internet time server for all users in Windows 10.

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