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Microsoft AntiSpyware – Spyware Definitions 5789

Update via MS Anti-Spyware.

MSAS >Help >About Microsoft Wondows AntiSpyware > click Diagnostic button. 
Definitions Increment Version: 142/142
Definitions ThreatAuditThreatData: 1345263
Definitions ThreatAuditScanData: 2963894
Definitions DeterminationData: 745158


Exchange 12 en 64 bit

El grupo de producto de Exchange en su blog han sacado un articulo interesenta como mas informacion y especificaciones del porque la proxima version estará disponible solo en 64.

Esta noticia fue dada en el IT Forum de Barcelona.


Charly Dinapoli | MCSE 2003 Messaging | Microsoft Exchange MVP


Exchange 12 Roles

Hola les dejo un excelente link con un articulo que habla de Roles de Exchange 12.


Charly Dinapoli | MCSE 2003 Messaging | Microsoft Exchange MVP

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a happy 2006! :)

Buon Anno!

Con l’avvicinarsi dell’ora 0 vorrei auguare a tutti un buon e felice 2006!

SpyBot Definition File Update 30.12.05

SpyBot Definition File Update 30.12.05
Details of the added/improved protection:
+ Connect MFC Application ++ I-Dialer
+ HotsearchBar(2) + CoolWWWSearch.SearchAssistant(7) ++ KeywordHijacker + ShopAtHome + MaxSearch + CoolWWWSearch.Feat2Installer(5) + CoolWWWSearch.Service(5) + CoolWWWSearch.Feat2DLL(5) + CoolWWWSearch.Homesearch
+ SpyTrooper + SpyAxe ++ SpyGuard + Smitfraud-C. + DyFuCA.InternetOptimizer + ConsumerAlertSystem + ABetterInternet + WinFixer2005 + Adware.Webext + Pacimedia + Hyperlinker + SurfSideKick + AproposMedia + Command Service + Virtual Bouncer + BookedSpace ++ URL_Spy + E2Give + MediaMotor + Deskwizz
++ SpyFighter(2)
+ Targetsaver + PurityScan
++ EasyTool.ADTrojan ++ Poebot.FakeWindowsLogon ++ Formulario2006 ++ ChameleonSearch + Delfin Project
Total: 295828 fingerprints in 34384 rules for 1788 products.
NOTE: Choose the download mirror site closest to you!
If you receive error messages such as “bad checksum” it is due to heavy server traffic.
Wait until later or tomorrow to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget to re-immunize SpyBot once the new definitions are applied!
Installation of the IE-Spyad list may disable some protections in SpyBot
S&D and SpywareBlaster.
Please check them and re-enable protections!

Security360 Preview: Building a Multi-layered Approach to E-mail Security

Microsoft has released a new webcast for E-mail Security in their web site.

This month’s live Security360 Webcast takes place Tuesday, Dec. 20. More details can be found at

Workaround if OWA requires domain name for logon

Recently I installed Exchange 2003 SP2 on an SBS server that did NOT have SBS SP1 on it. After installing the Exchange service pack, remote users could not logon just using their username. They had to include the domain name as well — format: domainusername. I tried running the KB 832539 fix that came out after SBS SP1, but it would not run, saying it could not find Exchange 2003 SP1.

If you have a similar situation, here is the workaround that will allow a user to login to OWA by just using their username:

1. Start up IIS
2. Under the Default Web Site locate the Exchange virtual directory (the one labeled Exchange, not the ExchWeb one)
3. Right click on the Exchange virtual directory and click on Properties
4. Go to the Directory Security tab
5. Click EDIT in the Authentication and Access Control section
6. The default domain name field will currently contain a single slash:
7. Replace the single with the Netbios Domain name* of your SBS server and OK the changes
8. Then stop and restart the Default Web site

* If you are not sure of the Netbios domain name of your server, go to AD Users & Computers, then right click on your server name, and click Properties. Your Netbios domain name is listed in the Pre-Windows 2000 domain name field.

Just because it is funny.

I saw this as someone’s signiture in the forums.



I jsut thought that was funny.


Credit: bakgunner 911

WMF : La video

VoilĂ  une Ă©difiante vidĂ©o sur l’exploitation de la faille WMF.

Source : websensesecuritylabs

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