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Publish Access Web Database to SharePoint 2010 Access Services

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Error when running .NET Application that is consuming CRM 2011 Services

Hi All,

I was trying to run a .NET application that consumes CRM 2011 WCF Services and i was getting this exception:

Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.IdentityModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35′ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

The cause of this issue is to due to missing dlls in your machine for Microsoft Identity framework that is required to have to run your application.

Install Microsoft Identity Framework in your computer that is compatible with your operating system.

For Windows 7 & Windows 2008 R2 you need to install Version 6.1

After you install this update re-run your application and will run with no exceptions!

Note: Make sure to stop your development web sever before rerun your application to reload all required assemblies.

**Download link:

Hope this helps!

New MVVM Tutorial

With the increased importance of XAML in Windows 8, I have decided to update my tutorial on the Model View View-Model pattern. As I said in my original MVVM tutorial, I finally understand the pattern well enough to make some intelligent comments about its use.

The tutorial begins by contrasting the traditional “code behind” approach with the MVVM approach and provides motivation for using the MVVM pattern. The tutorial uses a Silverlight client as the demonstration application. We start by building a simple view model that downloads data from a RIA Data Service and exposes the collection of data to the UI. We then add CRUD (minus the update) functionality to the application and show how our view model handles these requirements.

The tutorial uses Visual Studio 11 beta and Visual Basic. If any changes are needed after VS 11 is released, I will update the tutorial appropriately.

When the tutorial is complete, a simple functioning application is created using the MVVM pattern and zero lines of code behind.


New Website Design

I have just launched a new web design for The new site is HTML based and uses some HTML 5 features. I have tested it with current releases of the major browsers and have not encountered any issues.

New videos will be published on the new site and will focus on Visual Studio 11 (or whatever it will be called) and Windows 8. The new site has a link to the old site where all current videos still live.

When a new tutorial is published that updates an existing tutorial, the link to the one being replaced will be deleted.


Add File Hashes Tab in File Properties in Windows 7 [How To]

A file’s hash value is a signature for that file that uniquely identifies it. If a file’s contents change, its hash value will also change. You can use the hash value of a file to know whether it has been modified or altered. You can also cross-check the hashes of a suspicious file online to [...]

#SPSHOU Creating Business Intelligence SP2010 & SQL2012 & Windows 8 SharePoint Server
Please join us for this Business Intelligence session on the SharePoint and Office set of BI features to build and integrate data-driven spreadsheets and applications with SharePoint 2010. This session will cover topics such as PowerPivot, PerformancePoint Services, Reporting Services, Excel Services, KPIs, and much more

See yall in Houston on my way to LAX now landing at 630am and just have time to check out Steve Foxs Keynote..




Updated Thoughts on CISPA

Since I wrote my last post on CISPA a few weeks ago, a number of things have changed and my own opinion has evolved some as well. I still feel that the EFF’s interpretation was perpetuation a great amount of FUD, but that doesn’t really justify the merits of CISPA. There are many things to [...]

Accédez à SkyDrive depuis l’Explorateur Windows

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Avec SkyDrive pour Windows vous entrez tout simplement dans le monde du Cloud.

En installant SkyDrive, un dossier SkyDrive est créé sur votre PC.

Chaque fichier placé dans ce dossier est automatiquement synchronisé imageentre vos ordinateurs (PC ou Mac) et De cette manière, il devient facile d’accéder à vos fichiers les plus récents depuis pratiquement n’importe où.

Chaque fois que vous ajoutez, modifiez ou supprimez les fichiers Ă  un emplacement, tous les autres emplacements sont mis Ă  jour.

Si vous avez oublié de placer un fichier dans votre dossier SkyDrive, vous pouvez revenir sur votre PC pour accéder à tous ses fichiers et dossiers depuis

  • AccĂ©dez directement Ă  SkyDrive depuis l’Explorateur Windows (photos, documents et autres fichiers importants).
  • Ajoutez rapidement de nouveaux fichiers Ă  SkyDrive en les faisant glisser vers le dossier SkyDrive.
  • Organisez sans peine vos fichiers et dossiers dans SkyDrive, comme vous le feriez dans tout autre dossier.
  • Connectez-vous Ă  nouveau Ă  votre PC si vous avez oubliĂ© d’insĂ©rer un Ă©lĂ©ment dans SkyDrive.




L’installation est très simple !

Depuis la page de Bienvenue, cliquez sur Commencer.

A l’aide de vos identifiants Windows Live, connectez-vous au monde Live…



Skydrive vous demande de confirmer ou de modifier le dossier qu’il vous présente…

Cliquez sur Suivant.


SkyDrive procède ensuite à la synchronisation de vos dossiers et fichiers.

Cliquez sur Terminer.









Dans votre Explorateur Windows un nouveau favoris est présent : Microsoft Skydrive !

Et maintenant, Ă  vous les applications SkyDrive

Bonne soirée.

Fazendo Tethering no Samsung Focus

  • Abra a tele de chamada do telefone, teclando no Ă­cone de telefone;
  • Digite o cĂłdigo ##634#;
  • Desta forma vocĂŞ acessará a tela de diagnĂłsticos do telefone;


  • Agora digite o cĂłdigo *#7284#;
  • Aparecerá uma tela com trĂŞs opções:
    • Zune Sync (opção PadrĂŁo);
    • Modem, Tethered Call;
    • Modem, USB Diag.
  • Selecione a opção do meio;
  • O telefone reiniciará;
  • Conecte o cabo USB ao seu computador e aguarde a instalação dos drivers;
  • Agora Ă© sĂł configurar o nĂşmero para onde ele deve ligar, usuário e senha.

Se estiver usando na rede da AT&T use:
nĂşmero: *99***1#
password: CINGULAR1
APN: NĂŁo precisa

nĂşmero: *99#
user name: claro
password: claro
APN: (em alguns estados precisa usar

nĂşmero: *99#
user name: vivo
password: vivo

nĂşmero: *99#
user name: tim
password: tim

nĂşmero: *99#
user name: oi
password: oi

Free ebook – Secrets of PowerShell Remoting

You wouldn’t have had to read too much of this blog to know that I’ve regularly recommended PowerShell books by Don Jones and Tobias Weltner. They’ve announced the availability of a new free ebook that they’ve co-authored, called Secrets of PowerShell Remoting.

Remoting is one of the most powerful features of PowerShell, but it’s not necessarily the simplest area to understand. In Windows Server 2012, PowerShell remoting is enabled by default, so now is a good time to get up to speed.

Head over to for the download links.

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