Workflow Foundation and tracing

I think Windows Workflow Foundation is one of the more interesting features in WinFx, oops the .NET 3.0 framework. But figuring out what to do can be a challenge. Fortunately they added a number of trace switches to allow you to track what the components are doing. Add the following to the app.config file to see what is going on:
    <addname=System.Workflow LogToTraceListenersvalue=1 />
    <addname=System.Workflow.Runtime.Hostingvalue=Verbose />
    <addname=System.Workflow.Runtimevalue=Verbose />
    <addname=System.Workflow.Runtime.Trackingvalue=Verbose />
    <addname=System.Workflow.Activitiesvalue=Verbose />
    <addname=System.Workflow.Activities.Rulesvalue=Verbose />
Valid value are:
No messages
Only error messages
Warning Error and warning messages
Information, error and warning messages
Verbose All kind of messages
Maurice de Beijer

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