Visual Studio 2003 and Windows Vista

Are you still developing software using Visual Studio 2003 (or 2002 for that matter) and planning an upgrade to Windows Vista later this year? Well you might want to reconsider your plans! Why? Well Microsoft has no plans for supporting either on Vista. Kind of funny really because they will support Visual Basic 6, both the runtime and IDE, on Vista.
So what does this mean for the average software developer?
Well I am sure most of you are in a similar situation as I am in myself. That is do most of my work in VS2005 but occasionally go back to VS2003 to support some already finished project. Now I am unsure of what the exact result is, after all unsupported might mean almost everything works but Microsoft won’t be any help is something doesn’t all the way to it won’t even start up. But one thing is sure it will slow my upgrade from XP to Vista down. And that is regrettable 🙁
Maurice de Beijer

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