Some of the inconsistencies in Windows Workflow Foundation that occasionally bother me

For example adding child Activities to a another.
A WhileActivity can only contain a single child activity, the same is true for a ReplicatorActivity. However a IfElseActivity and a ListenActivity can contain multiple child activities. Now the difference doesn’t matter much as the single activity in the WhileActivity or ReplicatorActivity can be a SequenceActivity which in turn can contain multiple children but still it’s confusing.
When a ConditionedActivityGroup is used you drop whatever activities you want in and these activities gain an extra property, the WhenCondition. On the other hand with the FaultHandlers you drop a FaultHandlerActivity in the top, set its FaultType and drop the activities you want to execute below. By the way the same difference as above applies, the ConditionedActivityGroup accepts a single child activity for each branch while the FaultHandlers accept multiple children for every FaultHandlerActivity.
Now this isn’t much of a problem but the behavior seems inconsistent. If there is some good reason I am missing I would appreciate the info.
Maurice de Beijer

One thought on “Some of the inconsistencies in Windows Workflow Foundation that occasionally bother me

  1. Hi Jon,

    That would make sense. However I still under the impression that it would have been more consistent to do the same in every context. IOW allow for a single child and make that a sequence when needed. Oh well guess its probably to late for that and its not all that important anyway.


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