Some thought on saving state in a custom activity in a state workflow.

I have been a little frustrated in being unable to find a good solution for the following problem. If anyone has a good suggestion the feedback would be appreciated greatly.


Suppose I have a custom activity named CustomEventActivity that implements IEventActivity. The activity is used in a state workflow. This activity receives an event containing some data and saves this data so a second activity in the same EventDrivenActivity can check on the data. Something like:

protected override ActivityExecutionStatus

Execute(ActivityExecutionContext executionContext)


WorkflowQueuingService wqs =


WorkflowQueue queue = wqs.GetWorkflowQueue(QueueName);

MyProperty = queue.Dequeue() as string;


return ActivityExecutionStatus.Closed;



Now I need to check on the data saved in MyProperty in a second activity in the same EventDrivenActivity. Beecause of the spawned context I can’t just use this.myCustomActivity1.MyProperty as this just returns the template activity with an empty property.


In a CodeActivity I can do something like:

EventDrivenActivity eventDriven;

CodeActivity code = sender as Activity;

eventDriven = code.Parent;

CustomEventActivity act1 = eventDriven.GetActivityByName(myCustomActivity1.QualifiedName, true) as CustomEventActivity;


Now this is cumbersome and error prone so I don’t like it [:(]

But things get worse if you want to use the value in a Declarative Rule Condition. Now it needs to be a single expression and we are located a little further inside the activity tree. I would need to use: ((CustomEventActivity)((Activity)sender).Parent.Parent.Parent.GetActivityByName(myCustomActivity1.QualifiedName, true)).MyProperty

Big yikes [:(]


Now I could just add a single property to the workflow and bind to that but in that case I would need to define extra properties on the workflow level that really have no purpose being there. Two additional problems:

  1. If I want to use XAML workflows I would need to define the properties in base class, making it unusable when users want to expand the XAML workflow in a rehosted designer.

  2. It is no longer possible to use a ReplicatorActity with ExecutionType is parallel. After all each parallel executing branch would point to the same activity.


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