Software Developer Conference 2007 – Call For Speakers
The Software Developer Network (SDN) has begun planning for its 16th annual Software Developer Conference (SDC) to be held in The Netherlands on September 17 and 18, 2007.
We hereby invite you to submit proposals to be considered for participation as a speaker on this upcoming event.
Software Developer Conference
In May 2006, Software Developer Network held its 15th SDC in a row, again presenting the attendees with the latest techniques available. SDC 2006 was attended by over 400 professional software developers. 38 domestic and international speakers presented over 100 sessions on various topics.
Request for Speakers
SDN is looking for IT professionals who are interested in speaking at SDC 2007. We ask that you provide an outline of your proposed topic(s) and a brief description of your background (bio). The Conference will have introductory and advanced sessions on C#, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, DotNetNuke, Delphi, Database Technologies and other (general) topics of interest. The executive committee will review all submissions and contact candidates. Speakers who are able to speak on more than one subject and on more than one programming language are preferred.
Speakers at SDC 2007 will be fully reimbursed for all travel and hotel costs, including meals.
Submitting proposals
For submitting your proposals we ask you to use the submission forms that can be downloaded from This zip-file also contains more detailed information about Software Developer Network and SDC 2006.
The closing date for submitting proposals is April 30, 2007.
Please forward this message to anybody who might also be interested.

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